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5 Reasons to Move to Silicon Valley for a High-paid Data Science Job

The word ‘data science’ is often associated with big data and Silicon Valley is the destination for someone looking to get a job in the field.

1- Demand outstripping supply:

In August 2018, data from LinkedIn showed a dramatic shortage of data science experts in the San Francisco Bay Area (31,798 people). This was the second biggest shortage after New York City (34,032).

As the gap between demand and supply is quickly widening, a move to Silicon Valley will let you have the freedom of choosing from the many jobs on offer for the candidates with the right skills and aptitude in data science.

2- An exciting work environment to learn and hone skills:

Apart from tech giants like Apple, Facebook, and Google, Silicon Valley is also the cradle of several tech startups.

3- An extensive range of industries to work in:

If you are looking for a job in data science, perhaps you have your eyes set on the tech industry.

But moving to Silicon Valley would give you the option of finding jobs in diverse fields, from finance and tech to energy, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and more.

As a growing number of industries are relying on big data to make informed decisions, the importance of data science has increased across various industries. Thus, unlike being stuck with a job in the tech or finance sector elsewhere, moving to Silicon Valley would bring more diversity in the industries where you can get a good job and put your data science education and experience to excellent use.

4- Talent alone gets recognized:

Silicon Valley is reputed as the hub of big names that offer fat pay packets and perks in the field of data science.

But more important is that the companies in this region focus on talent and skills alone.

Elsewhere, you may have to face problems due to ethnic/racial background but here, you can sail through easily if you have a solid grasp on the subject along with the requisite experience, in case it’s asked for.

5- Be the change-maker:

Be it the continuous innovation and digital transformation that seizes the latest breakthroughs in analytics, automation, data mining, and predictive modeling, or helping better business outcomes, Silicon Valley companies let you stay ahead of the curve by learning about and using the most recent developments in the field.

Instead of being reactive, you can predict and act proactively to be the change-maker and empower the growing digital ecosystem.

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