5 Ways to Drastically Improve Yourself

Max Sakiewicz
Jan 31, 2019 · 3 min read

Growth is often a massive indicator for future success. Many times people may be successful in the past but without growth, it can be very difficult to produce successful results from the past once again. Throughout my life I have noticed trends in all of the most accomplished people; they all have a great capacity for growth. This allows them to adapt to every situation or era that they may be working within. That is why I did an exercise to highlight which traits/habits I believe would help the most if I added them to my repertoire.

The Capacity to Let Go

When mistakes are made or even when we complete something that it is noteworthy, we have a tendency to hold on to those past results. That can sometimes hinder our ability to perform well on our next important task which in turn can cripple our growth trajectory.

Compulsively Work Your Network

I have noticed that well-accomplished people like entrepreneurs, for example, utilize their network very effectively and efficiently. Whether that is searching for funding for their business or even looking to expand their brand. They tend to use their network to their advantage which can mean large amounts of growth for them personally as well as monetarily.

The Ability to Prioritize

Every successful person, for the most part, has a list of tasks or projects that need to get done. Some tasks require more attention than others, but all the same, these people are flogged with a multitude of responsibilities. A persons ability to prioritize tasks based on importance and deadlines can play a major factor in someone’s success. I have noticed that successful individuals have a unique ability to quickly sort out what needs to get done first. This allows those people to get finish project first that will have the largest impact on their corporate and personal growth.

Constant Self-Awareness

Many high performers in business or even in sports are very self-aware individuals. They know what is working within their respective fields and how they themselves can improve. They do this by being honest about their performances so they can figure out what needs to be done in order to improve. Being self-aware requires a sort of discipline and honesty that may be uncomfortable but is most certainly a necessity.


Thomas Edison was rumored to have failed 1,000 times before he invented the light bulb. The story of Edison is something that many successful individuals can relate. There is a multitude of failures and rejections before there is a single success. I have been told all my life that you have to persist in the face of adversity so when you overcome those challenges, you can see the success and victory that awaits you on the other side.

Life is filled with many ups and downs but in order to overcome them, you need to a playlist of things that will help you grow. While what I provided above is not a guarantee of success, they are all attributes that will help you to grow and improve. One thing that is a constant theme within all of those tips is that they all revolve around your ability to improve yourself. If you are first not willing to improve your own mindset and well being, then you will struggle to improve the material things around you.

Max Sakiewicz

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