A Guide to Blogs: Blogging as A Hobby and Blogging as a Business

Sarah Nderi
Dec 14, 2018 · 5 min read

notBlogs are a great platforms to creatives who want to document their creative journey, writers, people who want to pass a message or champion a cause or just simply a hobby to others who like the fun of it.

Blogging as a Hobby

The most wonderful part of blogging as a hobby is there is no pressure to create posts or keep updating your blog, and hence your creativity oozes more.

As a hobby, it’s something you love doing and never get tired. You’re also not restricted to niches and you’ll find yourself connecting with many hobby bloggers and writers in whichever platform you use.

When I blogged at my free-hosted site on wordpress, I would posts randomly on faith, daily musings, music and all that pertained to life, uni and blogging. I had no niche at all. I met (online) other bloggers who followed me, interacted with my blog and it felt so nice being in that community.

Blogging as a hobby;

No pressure to create.

You don’t have to pick a niche.

Engage with other bloggers . It feels good liking, commenting, reblogging other people’s content and receiving the same feedback and treatment.

Less work. There is no pressure for perfection or doing more work. eg You can choose not to have/create an email newsletter. In fact many free hosted sites don’t have one.

For days you travel, holidays, or have a lot of school work, you can go off and have no pressure to schedule posts for those days.

More trust from your readers as they don’t anticipate you to shovel items, classes, and courses down their throats.

Documenting Your Creative Pursuits

This could be writing, a photography portfolio blog, fashion portfolio blog, recipe, food, dine and wine blog, Travel Blog etc.

In this case, blogging just moved from a hobby to a business. I have seen entrepreneurs claiming that a blog is a not a business.

In my opinion, it depends on how you look at it, the amount of time and money you put in, the quality of your content and the research done before launching.

Your blog is what you believe it is. Don’t let any one tell you otherwise.

Blogging as a Business

To start let me say that blogging is not a get rich quick funnel. Blogging is tiresome and a lot goes into creating a post. If you’re not passionate about it, you’ll faint.


Find inspiration, flip open your device and pour 1,000 words into it.

Make it SEO friendly and research captivating headlines.

Create great graphics from Canva or wherever.

Make sure your writing is great ie; passive voice less than 30%, 3 sentence paragraphs to avoid text brick walls, links inclusion.


Publishing and then marketing your posts.

There is a rumour that blogging is the road to travel if you an to get rich without working and an overpopulation of bogs in the Internet. I have blogged since 2016 and I can count the pennies I have earned. Because I started as a hobby and on a free hosted site and had no niche.

Only this October have I gotten serious after planning and have seen tremendous growth. This growth comes after research, planning and practicing on how to hone and improve my craft.

As a Business;

You’ll need to pick a niche while staying true and loyal to your readers. This means being vulnerable to them at times and being relatable to them.

Blogging as a business means more consistency when it comes to writing posts,being consistent in posting and the message that your blog/brand sends, communicate a clear purpose, remain relevant and position your blog in terms of brand colours that your readers can identify with.

It means;

Creating Email Newsletters to update your readers. I prefer a newletter once a week because for me more is spammy.

Creating awesome content and quality content.

Updating old content.

Brand/Blog Collaborations and linkys(this can be done in a free-hosted site too)

Being upfront in terms of selling products with privacy notes, and affiliate disclosures.

And a lot more.

Medium Vs Blogging

It depends. If I was still doing this as a hobby I would go for Medium because feedback is quick and easy.

Also, it would depend if my country is Stripe supported so I can earn a cup of coffee from my hobby.

Another factor that comes into play is the fact that in a blog it’s easier to get email subscriptions (at least for me). Email subscriptions enable you to get in touch with your readers, offer free-bies, offer advice and hot sales and also act as a sales funnel when you want to sell.

If you are writing for fun, then you can free host or self-host.

If you are writing as a professional. I would advice you to self-host.

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