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Lincoln W Daniel
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1 min readFeb 8, 2024


January 10, 2024. 9:35 PM. Brooklyn, NY.
By Lincoln W Daniel

I don’t know how you feel about you,
but I like you.

Give me some time, and I’ll surely wife you.
I like the name they gave you.

I like that the sun kissed you.
Closer to me, I like that the wind nudged you.

Look at the sky, above all else…
that’s you.

The clouds could never be you.
Never could they be as soft as you.

On their best days, they could never flow like you.
On your worst days, I prefer the river of you.

I would hold you…
cater to you…
I would carry the load for you.

To be there for you, with you,
I would do anything to near you.

A shoulder, I would lend you.
Better yet, it’s for you.

Have you seen the land beneath you?
I built it special for you.

Have you seen the door before you?
Let me open it for you.

See the world I’ve readied for you.
I’ll take a picture of you.
I’ll place it near the rest of you.

I got this ring for you.
I’m ready to wife you.

January 24, 2024. 8:57 PM. Brooklyn, NY.



Lincoln W Daniel
Writers Guild

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