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It took me 6 weeks to start writing on on Medium after Sam told me about it. (Thank you Sam!) She read my blog on WordPress and thought it was a good idea for me to write on Medium.

She was so right!

In the first two weeks, not only did I find a home for my freelance writing portfolio, I also found a community of inspired individuals.

You see, I’m a new writer. I wrote creatively 20 years ago in high school and college. Since then, I’ve written technical documents for work. I’ve written one off journal entries. I’ve written parenting blog posts on my blog. That’s about it.

Two weeks on Medium, I’m starting to feel like I’m on my way to becoming a writer.

If you are a new writer on Medium, first thing first, read this:

The Compete Beginner’s Guide to Establishing a Presence on Medium.

Now, that you have started.

Are you wondering how you can leverage Medium to help you write?

Below are the top reasons that I write on Medium.

Reading inspired writers’ articles

The writers and the publications that I follow are inspiring me everyday. On some days, I have no clue what I will write. But, in my early morning fog, I’ve been reading on Medium. In 30 minutes flat, I’m usually pretty inspired to write about “something”. Sometimes, I even generate enough ideas for a sequence of articles.

The greatest comments that I receive are from writers who tell me about the ideas they have generated from my writing.

Everyone has their unique perspectives, following those ideas down the line to see a sequence of articles emerging around the same topic on Medium is amazing.

Testing writing on Medium

Practice is the only way to improve one’s writing.

Medium is a social platform.

The comments and the highlights that I receive when my article is read are gold. I love to see a poem that’s completely highlighted or an entire paragraph in an article that’s completely highlighted. That means, the poem or the paragraph worked. I also love to see that one line I thought people might highlight but instead everyone overlooks it. That just means perhaps I need to rethink that line.

Gaining confidence on Medium

I never thought anyone would read my writing. But, they seriously do. They write thoughtful comments, make suggestions and congratulates me on good articles. It’s amazing how generous writers are on this platform. The validation I receive helps me through my writing blocks. In the first two weeks, I thought I would only write 2 or 3 articles. Instead, due to the validation, support and the inspiration I received, I ended up writing everyday. I published 14 pieces in the first two weeks.

Brainstorming creative projects

When I started on Medium, I had no idea where writing seriously fit into my life. I thought perhaps I would write a few marketing and technology posts. Then, I could use that to apply for freelance jobs writing technical documents. That plan would work well as a side gig to my blog.

Instead, I found Medium to be the perfect outlet for my creativity.

I wrote personal essays, poetry and even dabbled into writing a story in one of my articles. Experimenting with different types of writing gave me enough confidence to formulate my next creative projects.

Finding my authentic voice

My authentic writing voice was lost a long time ago in high school. When I stopped writing creatively for 20 years, I lost the will to get it back. On Medium, as I experimented more with writing, I feel as if my voice is starting to emerge again. I can hear the style, the tone, the words much more clearly now.

It’s as if I now have a high resolution lense on my mental camera when I write.

Finding my passion or my cause

In the first week on Medium, I knew I wanted to write about parenting. As a stay at home mom, I’m very focused on parenting. Naturally, writing about parenting is where I excel. In the first week, a detour happened when I dug a little deeper into myself. I started to write a series of articles about Emotional Abuse in Children drawing from my personal experience. Through those articles, I refined my own outlook on parenting.

This particular issue became the main driver to develop my blog more as well as writing in the “parenting” genre on Medium more.

Finding writing tools and writing teachers

Every week, I wait for posts to come out of The Writing Cooperative and Writers Guild. I love reading about more experienced writers’ thoughts on their own journeys. I love reading about the tips and the tricks to help me refine my own writing. Most of all, I love those posts that help me overcome some of the hurdles that comes with being a writer.

Here are some posts that have helped me recently:

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Here are some posts on the usage of Medium that are very helpful:

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You’re Not Entitled to their Applause

If you are a new writer on Medium, I wish you luck. I hope to read your articles soon. Most of all, I hope that you will find your own inspiration on Medium and write an article about that.

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