Have You Ever Had a Serendipity Day?

or is it synchronicity? I did and it was amaaaazing!

You know when something happens and you say: 

or as some call it


I never knew the difference between these two words so I googled it:

/ˌsiNGkrəˈnisədē/ noun
the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.
“such synchronicity is quite staggering”

/ˌserənˈdipədē/ noun
the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.
“a fortunate stroke of serendipity”
synonyms:chance, happy chance, accident, happy accident, fluke;

Well, something happened yesterday that was sooooo unexpectedly cool I wanted to share it with you.

First I’ll explain.

There is an inspirational gorgeous author named Louise Hay who had been one of my favorite people in the world.

Here is Louise Hay. You might know her. Note: Louise wore blue a lot.

She is an American motivational author and the founder of Hay House. She authored several New Thought self-help books, including the 1984 book, You Can Heal Your Life and co founded Hay House.

She died a few years ago at age 90. I looove this woman soo much.

I’ve written about her often too. Here’s one article I wrote inspired by her:

I’ve thought of Louise as a sort of surrogate mother/mentor for awhile now. (Maybe since my early 20s).

I love her Mirror Work exercises and almost everything she writes about self awareness and spirituality.

Funny, but when I conjure up fantasy parents in my mind I always think of Louise Hay as mom, and George Burns , the old vaudevillian actor/comic as my dad. I’ve told my therapist and many friends about it.

So, about a week ago I saw a blue flyer pinned to a bulletin board at he local Books-a-Million.

It was an announcement for a spiritual group for women in Knoxville. I’ve lived in Sevier County, Tennessee near Gatlinburg in the Smoky Mountains for over 9 years.

There is rarely, if ever, a group like this in my neck of the woods.

Now Knoxville is not really a mecca for New Thought, New Age, Spiritual thought groups — for the most part it is right wing Christian;a bit of a Bible Belt area — (which I’ve moaned about often since moving here 9 years ago.)

My curiosity was piqued. I decided to call the number.

A spunky woman named Susie answered the phone. Wow, we had sooooo much in common. She told me she was compiling her first book, at age 77. How cool is that?

We talked about life, spirituality, near death, writing, reincarnations, poetry, traveling, cats, men, etc.

We decided to meet an Indian Buffet for lunch yesterday.

YUMMY CURRY!! Here we come.

I was sipping on my chai tea when in walks this vibrant lovely woman wearing all blue. Vibrant blue shirt, blue necklace and blue dangly earrings. Her eyes also had an alive blueness.

She did NOT look 77. More like 60 to me.

My new friend Suzi at lunch today.

The first thing that hit my brain was :


It was almost EERIE the resemblance. Not only the physical vibe but the entire aura of this woman.

It was like a warm comfortable blanket was thrown over me when she walked up to the table and smiled.

While the waiters happily brought out Garlic Nan bread fresh from the oven and other tasty entrees we talked and talked of so many things.

She believed…

‘Everything happens and happened in life for a reason.

Forgive it all.

NO guilt.

It’s all good’
(just like Louise Hay)

She had studied many spiritual philosophies in her life, but she said she had one Spiritual Awakening that changed her life in her 30s. She told me of her trips to India, her life as a lecturer and speaker, Reiki master and intuitive spiritual Counselor.

Her business card said “GUIDANCE FOR PEACEFUL LIVING” on it.

She was like my personal guru/mother eating Indian food with me in Knoxville, Tennessee!

She pulled out her manuscript that was neatly paper clipped together in very organized chapters.

I could sense her book was important to her. It was a bit of a Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer meets Ram Daas spiritual book including poems.

She explained she had ZERO interest in the money from the book, but she laughed “If the Today Show called to interview me… ‘Hey, Id do it!”

Her main goal for writing it was that she felt her message was needed in this crazy world.

“People need LOVE more than ever now! Not religion..but REAL LOVE!”

Her message was a basic one of love and forgiveness.

(I loved that she was so connected to her ‘why’. WHY we write is key to all writing in my opinion.)

She had no doubt our meeting was a divine experience and that her and I were MEANT to meet.

She told me the day I originally called her she had asked the Universe to send her someone to ‘help’ her with her book. And, that day I called her.

We both had no doubt we were supposed to meet when we did and that it was a spiritual encounter!

Serendipity, Synchronicity.

Whatever you call it?

I’m just so grateful I met a new friend who is so interesting and alive. I know it will lead to great things!


Have you ever had an experience with synchronicity or serendipity ? I’d love to hear in the comments!


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