How I Launched and Sold a Popular Publication on Medium — Writing Prompt & Featured Stories

Lincoln W Daniel
Mar 25 · 2 min read

Since childhood, I’ve had a passion for four things: writing, marketing, computers, and being in control. Each of those passions came into play when I decided to launch a marketing publication during my freshman year of college. I was able to do well enough as Editor in Chief to have the publication featured by HubSpot and used as a source by Inc. Magazine. Eventually, I did so well that someone asked to buy it.

How I Built and Sold a Popular Publication on Medium

Responses to the last writing prompt

Words — a poem by Christina M. Ward 💗

Writing Nightmare — Kitty Control by Greg Prince

Pain by Erik The Red

The man’s voice in the forest by Fiore

From Grayscale to Color by Bryan Lordeus

Writing Prompt

This month’s writing prompt has to do with recent events. You can participate by reading the prompt here.

Featured Stories

How to Get Back on Track with Your Writing by Jack Heimbigner

Five Writing Tips to Adopt if You Want to Write Fiction by Denise Larkin

Is Publishing an Article Every Day a Mistake? by Aaron Schnoor

How to Harness the Power of Poetic Devices by Leigh Fisher

I lost all my top writer tags by Sylvia Clare MSc. Psychol

How Long Did That Take You? by Aikya Param

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My passion is in developing software to enable people to accomplish their goals more efficiently. Author @JavaForHumans.com. Creator of @Smedian.com

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