How to steal yourself

Once, a friend offered to take me to hometown. I got into his car. But unexpectedly he took the highway, toward the sea… — Stop! — I shouted, but he simply laughed it off… So finally we got to the sea (200 km from home)… And… It was wonderful!!! I still remember that bright moon. In those days (over 10 years ago) I was a real snob + a total square, and I certainly would not have gone with him if he had offered to drive me to the sea. But he did not offer… He just brought me there… Do you remember when you last offered your loved ones a trip to the sea? — ‘Eh, I know they will refuse it!’ — you shout at me (maybe you’ll even be outraged by this question)… I have some advice! Stop ASKING! It’s time to actually DO!!! Steal your sweetheart, friend, mother, father. Steal them one by one… Or steal them all at once! No matter, if the next day they have to go to work, despite everything, do it! Leave in the evening and come back before work!!! Life is short — it’s worth playing with it!

You’re afraid of stealing people? Are you afraid to act spontaneously? You pee from fear like a bunny? Eh… You have many doubts + beliefs… Because of these beliefs, you will allow those people to continue to rot in front of computer screens… SCREW BELIEFS!!!
I have a mission for you. But, what if at the beginning you have to steal yourself?

I know that to steal yourself is not easy… Daily work has more stink than your… Dreams that you try to achieve have become an excuse not to go to the sea… Isn’t it silly??? And what if on the way to your dreams you forget to make time for yourself? Oh, drive to the lake alone! Take a trip! With yourself! Oh yes, do it!

Steal yourself!

Steal yourself twice a day!

Steal yourself three times in an hour!

STEAL yourself from the bond of routine for the rest of your life!!! 
Steal your body from your own created prison. Own that seductive freedom. Dominate your time. You have the right to proceed with your life as you wish! Show the middle finger to your doubts! Smile in the face of your fear. Tell him: ‘This summer I will sunbathe with Alex Monaco not only in the sun, but also in bliss!’

Write in the comments how you intend to act. Options: ‘Oh yes, today I will show the middle finger to my doubts — I will steal myself from the bond of routine!’, ‘Today I will steal a friend, a person who is close!’ or ‘This summer I will sunbathe with Alex Monaco not only in the sun, but also in bliss!’. Or suggest your own option. On the way to achieving your goals, do not forget to enjoy this moment. So, what are you going to steal today?