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Oct 23, 2018 · 4 min read

Iearn $250 a month from my 9 to 5. This is an increase from the $100 I used to earn at a previous Start-up, as what they called remuneration. Before you feel sad for me, I live in Nairobi, so this translates to KES 25,000 a month, for the last two months. Although you might feel sorrier for me now that I have mentioned Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, as has been a reaction of many when they hear that I am indeed from Africa.

However, that is beside the point.

I bought My Own Domain name

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Yes. That’s right.

My new blog address is I chose a theme from Envato, bought it, and paid a Web Developer to design one for me. I have always wanted to own a domain, self-host and have more freedom when it comes to what I can do with my site but I was limited by the fact that my blog was hosted on WordPress as a free site.

As a gift to Yours Truly for her 22nd Birthday, I decided a domain would be perfect.

Here’s to living like a Buddhist monk for the next month, very minimalistic, and totally fulfilled.

You Too Can do it.

Before I jump into it, I live with my sister, who pays all the bills, while I pursue crazy ideas and I have a supportive family. In addition, I have zero debt from University as my parents paid for that. The most I have done is buy groceries.

If you have always wanted to own your domain. Do it. I am positive that most of you earn more than $250 a month, and have already figured out how to write for publications that pay.

Make a budget for building your blog.

Create content to post when your blog is up. Have content, content ideas and ready to go posts in the pipeline for when your blog is ready.

Build your blog.

Post the content you created.

Interact with other bloggers.

It is that simple. So long as you have a plan, make a solid budget, do your research and execute.

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“Do Something Great neon sign” by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Medium would not Let me Earn from the Partner Program


The Stripe Program that Medium uses do not support countries from the Wider African, Pacific, and Carribean countries thus making it impossible for writers to earn from their writing by locking their stories.

I have since stopped paying the monthly 5 dollars and directed that revenue to build my blog. Currently, as a free hosted site, my blog receives a lot of views from SEO, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I am especially proud of the Organic search, given that I don’t use any plugin (free hosted, hello).

Self-hosting will give me eyes on what my readers are searching and what content to focus more on in terms of content creation.

Moving from Hobby to Full-time Job

I currently earn a living as a Digital Content Creator and Data Analyst. This is my second month in the job and I am on probation for 6 months.

Most of my work involves a lot of writing, website and blog management, social media and analytics. I got this job from my experience writing for my blog, for a Kenyan Publication previously and writing on Medium.

Blogging for me has now officially moved from a hobby or a weekend job to full time.

Escalation of commitment occurs when you become so invested that turning back no longer becomes an option. ~ Bill Walsh.

My Rate Card has Changed

I will definitely be charging different after this. This Journey has taught me and is still teaching me about Tailwind, Pinterest, MailChimp, Microsoft Power BI, WordPress, Yoast, Canva and so many more.

It is also an opportunity for me to implement all that I learn at work in my blog and gage the results.

I am now limited to reading 3 locked stories a month and unlimited unlocked stories which are awesome too. From next year, I will possibly resume paying for my membership again because I attribute most of my growth this year from the content that has been put out by great writers like Benjamin P. Hardy Shannon Ashley, Tom Kuegler, John P. Weiss, Thomas Oppong, Tiffany Sun Kris Gage and many others. I want to read their and other’s content.

I also attribute my growth to my stability in Faith for the past seven months.

My creativity, clarity, content creation, mental health is highly dependent on my Faith.

I want to resume paying but for now, my blog is more Important.

Pursue what you have always wanted to pursue. Make ways to if there be none. Ask for help from your family and close friends

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