3 reasons you should write every day

{whether you’re a writer or not}

Jordan Aspen
Aug 1, 2018 · 3 min read

1. Writing daily destroys Imposter Syndrome.

Knowledge on a topic isn’t enough. In order for that knowledge to mean anything you have to implement it. Even bad implementation is better than none because it allows you to itterate and improve.

The only difference between an “aspiring writer” and a writer is that a writer writes. So it’s clear that writing daily is a good way for a writer to improve, but even if you aren’t a writer, writing daily can help you improve your craft.

No matter what you want to be known for, writing well will help you to be seen as an expert. If you can clearly articulate the details of your artistry you will be ahead of the masses who cannot. The ability to recount the stories of the success your clients find through you will help future clients be confident in hiring you. Clear written explanations of your process are the foundation of instruction that can become classes and courses.

Writing a little every day will help you to be confident in your knowledge. This confidence will destroy imposter syndrome.

2. Writing daily doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

I’m not suggesting that you compose an epic every morning. Simply set aside 15 minutes to put a few words down. Don’t pressure yourself to publish those words, especially at first. Some days what you write won’t be worth much, but if you keep at it, some days you will strike gold.

Quantity is more important that quality here. The key is showing up and then showing up again. Build the habit. Writing each day at the same time each day will let inspiration know when and where to show up.

By the way, this section is 100 words long. 👆 Keep this in mind as you read the next section: it doesn’t take much to write 100 words.

The goal is quantity over quality, but that quantity doesn’t have to come all at once. If you only write 100 words in a sitting but you write every day for a month you will have 3,000 words that you wouldn’t have otherwise. 3,000 words that you can turn into an eBook, a few course lessons, a blog mini-series… you name it!

Words are the building blocks for so many things. Sean McCabe likes to say, “It all starts with writing!” Here’s a list from his course 30 Days to Better Writing:

  • Want to do a speech? Write.
  • Want to sell products? Write.
  • Want to record a song? Write.
  • Want to compose a book? Write.
  • Want to produce a feature film? Write.
  • Want to make a great podcast? Write.
  • Want to teach an online course? Write.
  • Want to shoot a compelling video? Write.

100 words a day is more than most people write but I’d wager that with 15 minutes set aside you won’t be able to stop at 100!

Imagine how many words you could write by the end of the year if you simply showed up a little every day. What could you create? A book? A course? A year’s worth of blog posts?

🤔 Why not begin today?

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Hone your craft. Share your story.

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