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Lincoln W Daniel
Mar 17, 2018 · 2 min read

The Writers Guild publication publishes Medium writers and their stories as they hone their craft. The Writers Guild is a Smedian publication.

What we publish

If you are a writer, this is where you belong regardless your topic of focus. So long as your story is about writing, reading, story telling, or your relationship with writing, and is not offensive nor in violation of Medium’s Terms of Services, it is welcomed in the Writers Guild.

How to contribute

If you’re ready to contribute to the Writers Guild, we are ready to welcome you! All you have to do is request to contribute via Smedian with a single click on our page. Really, that’s it:

How to submit your stories

Once we’ve added you as a writer, the next step is to submit your story to the Writers Guild. If you don’t know how to submit your story to a publication on Medium, please read through this discussion on Smedian: How do I add my story to a publication?

Writing Prompts

Once you’ve joined the Writers Guild, you will be able to participate in our writing prompts. You can find the most recent writing prompt in the navigation bar. Follow the instructions in there to participate.

Connect With the Guild

To connect with other writers in the guild, be sure to join our Facebook Group. Chat, make new friends, give and receive feedback, and inspire one another.

Thanks for reading Writers Guild — A Penname publication

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Writers Guild

Hone your craft. Share your story.

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