Short Story: New life

My stomach is empty — no lunch for me today to sick to my stomach to eat. I have been on the road for the past two hours. The route is flatter than a board. I go the speed limit and keep my hand at 3 and nine on the steering wheel. My purse is in the passenger seat, riding shotgun as it should be. The hours and miles on the road turn into days. By day three I have stopped ten times altogether. I don’t want to make a big deal. My hair is cut short like a man’s. You can’t even tell I had hair like a movie star.

I skipped lunch on the day I left because I was in the middle of a horrible situation. I was late on rent by seven days. My landlord is a major creep, and my job decided to reduce my hours because I was not dependable. My mom passed away from cancer, and my dad is still in prison for another 20 years. My ex-boyfriend hit me enough times. My only sister is on drugs and can’t remember her name. My car is worthless and had just enough gas to get to the gas station in town.

That’s when it happened

I stole a car that belonged to a lady. She went into the store to pay for her gas. I took the opportunity. Keys still in the ignition, and I could smell her expensive designer perfume. Once I left the county, I checked the car for anything that would help me — scissors, clothing, candy bars,$40 and a sunglasses.


I know what I did was wrong, but I was tired of being at the end of the road. Nowhere to go except down. I don’t want anyone to find me. I’m free. Maybe I will find a place to live once I find a job.

I cut my hair and took out my piercings. I know the cops are looking for me. Small towns are the best way to become famous for the wrong reasons. I put on some of the ladies clothing. Her sunglasses made me look like a very different person. I felt good for once. As for now, I am going to keep this look. Change my name and start new.

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