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Crosses denoting migrant deaths at a No More Deaths camp in Arivaca, AZ, 2008 — Photo by Dori Mondon-Freeman. All Rights Reserved.

The Heartbeaking Agony of Watching Children Suffer

I was living pretty free and easy in 2008; I had just left a second stint in Portland to go do some seasonal work in northern California and like many trimmigrants, my vehicle (a 1997 Chevy Blazer) was also my home — I had a futon set up in the back for sleeping and an AC adapter that plugged into an otherwise-unused…



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dori mondon

Compulsive storyteller. Typo fixer. Queerdo. Dog and kid mom. Digital DJ nerd. Ada Comstock scholar. I love coffee. A lot. https://ko-fi.com/djemme