The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Medium — 2020

Lincoln W Daniel
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12 min readJun 4, 2020

Medium is one of the few places on the internet where you can go to find original stories and ideas that are worth reading. There’s a whole lot to do here, so I’d like to walk you through the different paths you can explore as a reader, writer, and editor.

This story has been remastered from 2018 as many things has changed.

What You Can Do as A Reader

Featured Stories

Spend a few minutes on the platform and you will notice that Medium values high quality, thoughtful stories that share unique ideas and perspectives, so it’s editorial team scours thousands of articles everyday to find the best ones for you to read everyday. As soon as you open, you will see a featured section; it’s a good place to start reading.

Top Stories for You

After browsing through the featured stories, if you don’t find something that piques your interests, this next section should help. If you told Medium your interests when you signed up, it will do its best to show you stories that match what you provided. If you didn’t tell Medium your interests when you signed up, don’t worry, you can do it at any time by clicking the “Customize your interests” link in the dropdown from your profile image in the navigation bar.

New Stories From Your Network

Medium is more social than other places you might read articles on the internet. As you read, I suggest you follow the writers that authors of stories that you enjoy. By doing this, you’ll tell Medium that you want more stories from these authors to show up in your feed.

Popular Stories on Medium

Unlike the featured stories chosen by Medium’s staff, these stories are chosen by us, the readers. As we read and clap for stories, we cast our vote for the most popular stories on Medium on…

Lincoln W Daniel
Writers Guild

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