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Want More Views? Embed Your Stories on Medium & Your Blog

Introducing ManyStories.com’s “Read Next” Recommendation Embeds

Embed a “Read Next” Recommended Stories Section in Your Stories, Everywhere You Publish

Before I explain, take a look at this example of me embedding a “Read Next” section in one of my stories on Medium:
This is a live example of one of my “Read Next” embeds. Clicking on any of the stories in the carousel take you directly to the story where they are published, be that on Medium or your own blog.

How to Create Yours

How to Embed Your Stories on Medium


How to Embed Your Stories on Your Blog (Wordpress and others)

<iframe src="https://www.manystories.com/embed/read-next/617ef146c5495400207e4cc4" title="Read Next" width="100%" style="min-height: 620px;" />

Create Multiple Embeds to Organize Your Recommendations

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