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Why My Meaningless Mumbles Might Mean Making Your Day

Erasing doubts about the content you’re writing…encouraging thoughts.


So I rise early in the morning
and, tumble out of bed.
Just a bagel in the pantry
strong dark coffee to clear my head.
Need to stretch my bones
clear the dust webs out my thoughts.
Find a way to face the challenges
rollin’ backward deep in debt.
Now I ain’t cryin’ or complainin’
won’t do me any good.
And, I dare not worry my wife and children
cause’ they’re looking for my smile without any regret.
So I’ll tell you dear sweet people
can nothin' take away the hand of your faith.
Keep it locked up in your soul
and grow your understanding, sow it in a field of loving care.
Show light and teach it fast with a hug and comfort in a word
from the depth only you hold and know.
Let the grace of thankful spirit 
wash all over your humble life.
Let rebirth of purpose and focus 
give direction, put away with wasting strife.

A phrase is in your thoughts. A sentence is banging its head against your chest to flourish and be released into a document. An idea is ballooning awaiting escape only you can compose.

Gain courage and record the story.

Be one with your tale be it fiction or fact.

Gather character and release it for us all to read and behold. Yes, some may be interested and many not however there is the chance your mark will fill a void and awaken an inspiration in a scanning set of eyes.

I find many such stories and articles here on Medium which opens my thinking and expands upon my writing.

Take time to go forward with your concepts because they are worthy and will have value. All of us have unique insights and perspectives to share.

The more I read the more the way becomes clear how to dig and uncover topics to write. You can unearth them too. Work and write then write even when you think there is nothing to say.

The magic in you will appear with the smallest beginning of a jot or jolt you begin to type. Did you step on a piece of gum today? A gummy shoe might be a great poem or short story to embellish on.

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A few ideas generate just by thinking about ideas. What did you think of the novel or movie you recently ate up?

What is your unbelievable remedy for getting knots out of your child’s hair without her going into a fit of crying and claiming your intent is to kill her by hair brushing?

How do waffles somehow make a breakfast a celebration for kids? Why does a dollop of whipped cream on the waffles make them a fine cuisine?

Today my 5-year-old brought home a carrot she grew at school. I saw it and was delighted and excited. That just might become a story or part of one (Oops it already did).

Give us the scene. Make us feel it. Help us to see it. Teach us.

The incantation of your word spell will move and inspire us.

Writer’s block is not a concept I hold close or can invest in because even the mess on my desk or the fact that I haven’t cleaned the inside of my work truck for about 6 months is a story.

(Can you imagine the smell. I do landscaping have no air conditioning. Florida is hot. I sweat a lot. Animal poop from people’s lawns gets on my boots and I track it in the truck sometimes. Yuck!)

I can feel a write coming on about my laziness to clean my truck. No fair I have too many other stories to finish.

So, I hope you get my drift. Find your tiny wonders and make them big, great schemes for us to digest.

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Have a ball, make a splash, take a chance. Can’t wait to read you!

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