Words — a poem

Writer’s Guild April Prompt, a poem response


Where are my words?
My poetry is missing.
It has been neglected,
discarded, left unkempt
and now it eludes me.

I don’t blame them,
these words
for leaving me.
Nothing wants to live
in dust and shadow.

I left some of you
I seem to remember
on a filthy mat
outside of the room
where I slept on the concrete.

(Sleeping in urine
will remind anyone
that poetry deserves
without question
to sleep somewhere better!)

I left some of you
I remember quite well
at the mouth of the ocean
the hungry, swallowing ocean
whose desire far outweighs
my own inaccuracies.

I cannot keep you,
entangle you,
hold you in contempt.

I crawled across the wall
stepped into the sand
wiped the tears from my chin,
the blood from my ear,
and released you there…

Goodnight for now,
the sea will keep you well.

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Christina M. Ward 💗

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Hone your craft. Share your story.

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