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Your article may not be published if you do not read these guidelines and policies for writers who wish to contribute to Writers Guild.

Writers Guild

We are always looking for new and insightful pieces to publish for our readers to enjoy. In order to ensure the quality of our content, we have guidelines and policies that all contributing writers must abide by.

We are excited to receive your submissions. However, before you submit an article to our editorial team, please ensure you understand what we are looking for and what we don’t want to receive.

Submission Guidelines

Failing to follow these guidelines will result in rejection of your submissions.

What we publish

We publish stories, of any length, that have a beginning, middle, and end. We publish poems that are well formatted. We publish book reviews that aim to inform and provide insight. We publish movie reviews that tell more than just the plot. We publish life learnings, not life lessons nor self help, that provide a look into the author’s experiences in story form. We reluctantly publish listicles so long as they tell a story.

Basically, we publish articles that will provide value to our readers by writers who want to be great at what they do.

Here are some examples:

  1. Winter Passes, the Growing Season Comes by Zach J. Payne
  2. How Education Ruined My Life by Rinkesh Gorasia
  3. Book Review: Homo Deus by Tessa Palmer
  4. How to Create a Freelance Writing Portfolio with Zero Experience by Courtney Hall Lee
  5. 8 Lessons I’ve learned in 8 years of marriage by Shae Jackson
  6. I wish somebody gave me these tips when I started writing by Tanya Dixit

What we don’t publish

We don’t publish listicles that don’t tell a story. We don’t publish life lessons. We don’t publish productivity tips nor life hacks. We don’t publish poorly written work that is riddled with grammatical errors. We don’t publish articles that are titled in ALL CAPS nor those that are littered with all caps throughout its body. We don’t publish stories with unnecessarily great amount of links that don’t provide value to the reader.

Basically, we don’t publish articles that won’t provide value to our readers by writers who don’t care to be great at what they do.

Article Layout

Your article must have the following:

  • Header image must be placed at top of article either before or after title
  • Your articles must have at least 3 of the 5 possible tags. It’s best to use all five tags.
  • At least one tag must include the topic of your article.

Article Content

  • Articles must be in full — no summaries that link to full external articles
  • No blatant self promotion. However, you may plug your company or links where they add value to the reader.

Submission Policies

Failing to abide by these policies will result in rejection of your submissions or termination of your contributing privileges.

Editors’ Rights

  • We reserve the right to add a byline or blurb about our publication and its sponsors at the bottom of your article. Here’s the current byline that we add to submissions.
  • In the case where an article is submitted without a featured image, we reserve the right to add a featured image with graphic design as we see fit.
  • We reserve the right to add our logo to featured images in articles.

Publication’s Rights

  • We reserve the right to unlist any article published in Writers Guild should it infringe on the well being of another individual without notice to the author.
  • We reserve the right to cross-post any article published in Writers Guild on our other platforms, be that LinkedIn or other publishing sites. Of course, those cross-posts would link back to the original publication.


  • Once a story has been accepted and published by the Writers Guild on Medium we ask that it remain in our publication. We will cease to accept articles from people who habitually remove stories from our publication.
  • Writers who routinely fail to abide by our guidelines and policies will be removed from the publication and banned indefinitely.

How to Submit Articles to Writers Guild

To submit your story to Writers Guild, go to your draft, click the 3 dot menu (…), choose “Add to Publication”, then choose Writers Guild.

While we prefer drafts that are not yet published because it allows us to publish at times we know will give your work more exposure, we do accept already published articles.

After submitting, please allow up to 3 days for your work to be reviewed and added to Writers Guild. While we usually publish submissions within a day, we sometimes get backed up for many reasons. If you are not interested in waiting 3 days to have your work published, please feel free to publish it before submitting to Writers Guild.

We appreciate and look forward to publishing your submissions, but if your article is not accepted, you likely did not abide by one or more of our guidelines.

Want to learn more about how we edit?

Feel free to do more research into our editing practices. Here’s a good place to start:

Want to write for Writers Guild?

We would love to work with you. Please learn more here.

Writers Guild

Hone your craft. Share your story.

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Writers Guild

Hone your craft. Share your story.

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