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Seems alone! but the next picture says it all
Talking, expressing thoughts to each other, loved ones :)

You are not alone,

Yes, there are tough times,

But we have good people besides,

Yes, there are sad happenings,

But there are happy memories,

Yes, you have fought very hard,

But never give up, be your life’s guard,

You are not alone, my friend.

You are not alone,

Yes, it’s tough to express out at times,

But please, talk it out, at least try,

Yes, you can always cry,

Show your emotions, please don’t hide,

You’ll always get people to talk and guide,

Never give up, stand by your own side,

You are not alone , my friend.

We are not alone,

Yes, we meet many people in our day,

Hi, how are you, hope all well, we all say,

If we feel something’s wrong, even if not,

Say we are there for you, no matter what,

It might not sound so great,

But surely will bring a smile on their face,

Will make them feel confident,

With us, this world, and people near them,

Listen to them who are in need,

Patiently, just keep listening and you’ll help them indeed,

No matter what, we are there with them,

Just keep saying it, to people we meet,

We are not alone, is a great way to greet.

Mental health is to be recognized,

People suffering are to be identified,

Just like any other disease,

Not to be ashamed of any of these,

Depression, anxiety, traumas, disorders,

There are many,

We don’t know, all or any,

We don’t know how the patient is feeling,

Just get them to a doctor, for their well being,

I’ll just repeat, keep saying,

We’ll be there for you, express your feelings.

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