Too much love won’t kill you.

I grew up in a society where people believe that the best kind of relationships were the ones in which the guy loves the girl more.

But with experience, came the realization that they were wrong. I would be the one who laughed louder, smiled wider, and loved harder. Now I know that it’s okay to love more.

I have been told that I am too young to know what love really was; that I am still naìve; that I should stop being such a hopeless romantic; that I should stop assuming that everyone has nice intentions.

Despite how much I have been preached, I never listened because love, for me, is about being real.

I will love whoever I choose. Even if I might end up hurt, I will never put a limit on how I can love someone wholeheartedly. Nobody said love would be easy nor they warned me about it coming, but I never considered them as excuses to restrain myself from loving with all my heart.

Loving too much is not an emotional weakness. It’s simply an emotional strength that many people don’t appreciate.

I’ve got a big heart and I believe that there’s a lot more love I have left to give.

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