Do you ever want to give up?

I hear the voice, keep going, don’t give up.

I make mistakes. There are times when I want to give up and call it quits. During those times when I’m feeling uneasy about myself and my abilities I find it hard to keep plodding on. In response I slip into a pattern where I attempt to create a persona that is


Telling a Whooper of a Tale as a girl to my friends and being found out (1950s)

Growing larger as a Pregnant Surrogate Mother and dismissing my Self in the process (1987)

Present-ly, my Natural Self, steps up and offers a message that many of us receive but choose not to take in:

I am good enough just as I am.

I certainly could have been chosen to write about easier subjects than the art of playing in the everyday. Granted, no one is going to shoot me for writing about playful living but they certainly can dismiss me and do.

Being ignored, not seen, not receiving a response back is deadly.

To overcome self recriminations I remind myself that wrestling with these criticisms doesn’t have to be a singular task. I can move ahead and try new approaches as I deepen what I am already good at as a writer.


I’ll keep going. I’m not giving up!