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In this day and age self-publishing has become quite commonplace. Just a few decades ago, self-publishing was never really considered an option, because it was deemed too expensive and work intensive to be effective. But due to new publishing technology, it is now possible to self-publish a book of your very own. And with the rise of this new option, self-publishing companies have started to come out of the woodwork.

One such self-publishing company is Writers Republic. And ever since its creation Writers Republic has helped authors achieve their publishing dreams. But despite these successes, the company has gotten bad reviews, complaints, and has even been accused of being a scam. But scam is such a harsh word, and Writers Republic has the credentials and the track record to back up its legitimacy as a self-publishing company.

Who is Writers Republic?

Before we delve into the many merits of Writers Republic, let’s get to know the company first. Writers Republic is a self-publishing company that offers publishing, marketing, and distribution for client authors. Writers Republic LLC is made up of a skilled team of editors, copywriters, graphic designers, etc. The company’s main goal is to guide clients through the many pitfalls of the publishing industry, and help them gain success as authors.

But what is Writers Republic like as a self-publishing company? What sets it aside from other self-publishing companies? Is it worth working with Writers Republic? Here’s a quick look at the company and its services to help you decide.

1. Writers Republic’s publishing services are innovative

One of the things that really sets Writers Republic apart from other self-publishing companies, is the innovative nature of all the services it offers.

The company takes a great deal of pride in the services it offers. And each one of these services is painstakingly researched and checked before it is added into the company list of services.

Each of the services is checked whether they will help the author achieve his or her publishing goals. So if you sign up with Writers Republic, you are assured of the quality of work that you will be getting. Here are few of the company’s satisfied client authors and their testimonies about the services offered by the company.

Writers Republic was great at communicating everything throughout the process. The people there are friendly and personable. I enjoyed working with them. I would recommend them to others.

- Valarie Umar

It has been really fun having the experience to make my work into a book. All my requests were made, even the little, tiny ones — and with no complaints! I really appreciate the hard work that made my book what it is! I would highly recommend Writers Republic to other authors.

- Chelsea Hernandez

It’s been a good experience so far. I would recommend this to others if Writers Republic is what they need.

- Allaad Rehm

I was completely satisfied with the services provided by Writers Republic. They answered all my inquiries professionally and patiently. They gave my story the life it deserved. I couldn’t be happier. Very likely, excellent service and the pricing was very reasonable.

- Mark Boncore

I was skeptical in the beginning about publishing my book with a self-publishing company, but some local new authors said that is the way to go nowadays. I decided to try Writers Republic and since I started with them, I have been very pleased with their consideration of my needs, patience, and assurance that I was pleased with every step they took in the whole process. I am very pleased with the work they do and the whole book process. I will work with Writers Republic again on my next novels and mention them to others looking for a self-publisher to do their book. Thanks Writers Republic! I look forward to working with you again.

- Shelly Neinast

2. Customer assistance

Aside from the myriad of publishing services offered by Writers Republic, the company also has some of the best customer assistance in the business.

The company takes pride in being able to provide around the clock support to all client authors. The company representatives know all the services and promos and are all willing to patiently explain every aspect of the publishing process with you.

So from the very start till the final phase of your self-publishing journey, Writers Republic’s representatives will be helping you every step of the way.

Here are some Writers Republic reviews that show how efficient the customer service really is.

Excellent customer service!!! I would highly recommend Writers Republic and their service to others.

- Geoffrey Ounda Obel

The staff was very helpful. They answered any and all questions clearly, offered many options, and worked on an efficient schedule.

- Jake Fraczek

I thank Writers Republic for all the info they gave us during the process. Very helpful.

- Wendell Amisimak Stalker

They are prompt and responsive. I have enjoyed the excellent customer service. I have already recommended Writers Republic to others.

- Alisha Jones- Cotton

The staff has been so nice and friendly during the entirety of this transaction in helping me understand the process. I would highly recommend Writers Republic to other authors.

- Tamira Keitt Moore

I’d like to thank you all for all your help. You guys are amazing and a dream come true. Thank you greatly! I would highly recommend Writers Republic’s publishing service to other aspiring authors.

- Yoshua Daniel R.

3. The Marketing Services are realistic and efficient

The book marketing process is one of the most unpredictable aspects of the self-publishing process. There is no way of knowing whether your book will sell or not.

This is why Writers Republic has pulled out all the stops and created various book marketing tools that will tip the odds in the client author’s favor. Each of the book marketing services were created to expand the author client’s influence and increase their chances of selling their work.

Here is a testimony from an author client that shows how effective the book marketing services really are.

I am very pleased with the services so far. Mostly, I am pleased with the support and ongoing communication. Moving forward, I would like more clarity throughout the process since I am new to it. Other than that, I am very pleased. I would highly recommend this service to any writers who are seeking support and complete access to their royalties. If you are ready to start your writing career off, I would highly recommend Writers Republic!

- Jammie Lockett

Marketing services was very good. I would recommend Writers Republic’s marketing services to other authors.

- Favian Segovia

Thank you for your diligence and [for] reaching out to me! I would highly recommend Writers Republic’s marketing services to other authors.

- Edith Melin

4. The company is made up of highly skilled professionals

Aside from the services and online retail options, the company also brings to the table a team of highly skilled publishing professionals. The team is comprised of veteran copywriters, content writers, editors, web designers and book cover designers to name just a few. And ever since Writers Republic founding, this crack team has provided author clients with quality work, time and time again. Here’s a few examples of author testimonials to drive the point home.

I loved working with Writers Republic’s staff. They were very prompt and thorough. I love the experience so much, I added them to my acknowledgment page.

- K.D. Caldwell

I am very pleased with the services received so far. I am very likely to recommend Writers Republic to any would-be authors that I know.

- Imtiaz Dewji

Everyone I have spoken to has been very helpful, very informative, knowledgeable, and most important, caring about our welfare and leading us on the right path to publish our book. I would recommend Writers republic to others. Looking forward to more journeys with Writers Republic.

- Donald L. Sparks Sr.

I have an amazing team of individuals helping to bring my work alive. Thank you so much, team! I am grateful to each of you. I would recommend Writers Republic’s publishing service to other authors.

- Charleen Richey

Is Writers Republic legit?

Is Writers Republic Legit? Let us take a moment to read these Writers Republic reviews from their successful authors and get to know the company.

Now that we know what Writers Republic is all about and the many great reviews they have gotten through the years, let’s ask the question again. Is Writers Republic legit? It is without a doubt legit, and is a great example of a self-publishing company that actually cares for writers and their self-publishing dreams.


In the self-publishing industry, perfection is hard to come by. And no matter how efficient a self-publishing company is, there will be times where mistakes occur. No self-publishing company is perfect. But when it comes to organization and track record, Writers Republic is up there with the best of them. As a whole Writers Republic is the complete package and is the farthest thing from a scam. It offers a multitude of great services and the help of a crack team of publishing professionals that will get the job done.

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