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7 Reasons to Write Your Own Novel

reasons to write your own novel

If you are just starting out as a writer, you may be wondering what type of book you should write. This is understandable, because writing a book is no easy task, and you will want to be fully invested in the book that you are going to write. If you are not sure what type of book you should write, you should try writing a novel. Why write a novel, though? What will writing a novel get you? Here are some reasons why you should write a novel.

1. It is a great way to hone your writing skills

When it comes to writing, you should always have the belief that you cannot master the art of writing. This does not mean that you should doubt your skills, but this should at least push you to hone your writing skills to the best of your abilities.

Writing a story is no easy feat, but if you are going to write a novel of your very own, you will be able to practice every day. Think of the writing process as killing two birds with one stone. You get to practice your writing, and improve it in the long run.

2. It is a chance to establish a fan base

If you take a look at great writers such as Ernest Hemingway and Stephen King, you will notice that they have a huge fan base.

They were both novelists, and because of their skills as writers, they were able to establish a fan base. Aside from being incredible writers, though, novels have always been more popular than other types of books.

If you’re aiming to build a fan base, you should make sure that you have a platform from which you can contact your potential readers. That way, once you do finish writing your novel, you will have a platform from which you could sell your novel and show other examples of your work.

3. It is far easier to write than other books

Novels are a great choice of books to write because they are easier to write than other books. Remember that novels are all made from a writer’s imagination. This means that the stories don’t need any factual basis. You may need to do some research if you are writing a story that has historical links, however, it does not need to be entirely rooted in fact. Overall, writing a novel gives you a lot more freedom to write great content.

4. It is fun

Remember that the ideas that make up your novel all stem from your imagination. While the writing process could be tedious, you could also still have fun with the writing process. What’s important is that you give yourself room to experiment with new topics and not pressure yourself to write great work. If you pressure yourself to sell a bestseller, you won’t enjoy the process, and you’ll limit yourself in the long run. So just enjoy yourself, and write what you want to write.

5. It gives you a chance to tell your own story

Aside from writing a story, you could also write a novel about your life. The book does not even need to be an autobiography. Instead, you could just use your life story as a source of inspiration. For example, you went through a very intense and inspiring experience, and you want to share what you learned with the world. Writing a novel is a great way to do that.

6. It is a good chance to earn money from your writing skills

While there is no guarantee that you will earn a large amount of money from your novel, there is always potential in novels. If you take a look at s very popular writer like J.K.Rowling, she was able to earn a fortune through her books. Of course there is no guarantee that you will gain the same success, but who knows? You may get lucky, and a lot of readers will buy copies of your work. Just remember though that while money is an important aspect of being a writer, it should never be your sole reason for writing. Be passionate about the writing process and do your best.

7. It is a great achievement

Whether you were able to write a best-selling novel or just managed to publish your book, you should still feel proud of your accomplishment. Remember that not everyone has the skill or the strength of will to be able to publish a book.

Even if you have not been able to reach the highest peaks of the writing profession yet, you should not feel discouraged. Remember that you have so many chances to achieve your writing dreams. Just take pride in being able to achieve a landmark like publishing your own novel.


When it comes to writing a book for the very first time, it is always a good idea to write a novel. By writing a novel, you will be able to gain great experience, build a fan base, and have fun at the same time.

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