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15 Fantasy Story Ideas to Get Newbie Writers Started

fantasy story ideas

If you are planning on writing a fantasy novel of your very own, you should not do so on a whim. You will need to come up with a truly unique concept that will stand out from other fantasy stories.

Remember that there have been countless fantasy stories that have been written over the years, and if you want your own fantasy story ideas to stand out, you will need to put both time and effort into it.

However, this does not mean you can’t get some help. This is especially true for newbie writers. If you are a newbie writer, you may not know how to get started. You may even have a hard time envisioning a concept for your fantasy story. To help you out, here are 15 fantasy story ideas to get newbie writers started.

1. An old wizard is looking for an heir to his power. He has lived for thousands of years, and has lived through the rise and fall of empires. He cannot die unless he finds a worthy successor. He is also the world’s greatest defender against an ancient race called the rat-kin.

2. The troll race has been lying dormant under a mountain for over three millennia. Before their slumber, they were a brutish and populous race that plagued humanity. A reckless miner accidentally causes an explosion in the mountain, and wakes them up. Will humanity survive the horde?

3. The MMA world is rocked by a new contender. A werewolf who wants to be world champion. Will his opponents put up a fight? More importantly, will they survive?

4. During the First World War, there was an infantry unit made up of mythical creatures from the United States. Legendary creatures such as Bigfoot and the Thunderbird served as war heroes.

5. The lunchroom menu is changed when the lunch lady turns out to be an ogre. A living ogre. Why was she hired by the principal? Let’s hope she doesn’t use ingredients that are TOO exotic.

6. A witch is working as a maid for a Victorian-era restaurant. She needs to clean the whole restaurant without showing she is a witch. However, the ability to use her sentient broom is a very tempting option.

7. What if the British Civil War was fought with magical creatures of the British Isles? Which side will win? The Royalists? Or the Parliamentarians?

8. Leprechauns are starting their own banks and offering bank loans at very low prices. What’s the catch, though? It is a well-known fact that leprechaun gold disappears without a trace.

9. A hunter from the middle ages finds a time vortex in a cave. He passes through time, and is transported to the modern age. He comes into contact with a group of hunters, and they think he is just wearing a costume.

10. An old gnome finds a chocolate bar in the woods, and becomes obsessed with the taste of the confectionery. He leaves his small gnome home and goes on a quest for chocolate.

11. The world is secretly populated by evil beings known as the Emptied. They are devoid of any soul or emotion and feast on human flesh. The human race has been whittled down to a small village in the Black Forests of Germany. The villagers must now hide their existence and fight off any empty villagers that come to their home.

12. A marathon is being held in a world full of magical beings. Who will win? The hulking Ogres? The unruly centaurs and satyrs? Or the beautiful unicorn? It is anyone’s ball game.

13. Dragons are real, and they have the ability to shape-shift and live as humans. However, they must protect their identities or risk discrimination from the humans.

14. Santa Clause is not really a jolly old man who brings Christmas gifts to good kids. He is actually a millennia-old demon hunter who fights off demons that come out on Christmas Eve.

15. A young girl lives in an old mansion. Her family has lived in the house for centuries. She finds a doll in her home’s attic. She finds out that the doll is a sentient being and has been keeping her family safe from the evil being in their home. She must now join forces with the doll to fight off the evil being that lurks in her home.

When it comes to writing a great fantasy novel or story, you should make sure you use the right concepts. Remember, if your concepts are not original, your work might get overshadowed by a myriad of other fantasy stories that emerge from the woodwork. With these fantasy stories, you will at least get a great source of inspiration for your own fantasy stories.

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