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9 Great Cities to Live In As a Writer

great cities to live in as a writer

As a writer, you want to live in a city that is not only comfortable, but artistically stirring as well. While you could be a writer practically in any city, there will always be cities that are perfect for writers.

These are places that will help stir the romantic spirit of a writer within you. Living in these kinds of cities will compel you to be an even better writer. Here are some of the best cities to live in as a writer.

1. Paris, France

The city of Paris in France is often considered the most romantic place in the world. It is a city known for its history, and is also a city full of artists and famous authors. Many writers often consider Paris as a city that compels them to write great works.

The beautiful sights of the Eiffel Tower and The Notre Dame cathedral are only the tip of the iceberg. The city of Paris is also famous for its café culture and incredible cuisine.

2. New York, United States Of America

New York is known as the “Big Apple” and is renowned for its hustle and bustle lifestyle. Living in New York could get a bit stressful at times, with the large number of people and somewhat expensive real estate. However, it is still a wonderful place to live as a writer.

It is a place of history and culture, and is home to some of the greatest cultural establishments in the world. These include the American Museum of Natural History and Broadway Theater to name just a few. New York also has a gritty street scene that gives it a great deal of character, and could further add to your writing inspiration.

3. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is often considered one of the most modern and beautiful cities in the world. What makes Tokyo so wonderful, is that it is a perfect blend of the old and the new. It is a technological marvel, and yet still preserves the beauty of its forests and natural landmarks. It is also the land of Manga and Anime, which could also get your creative juices moving.

4. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is a burgeoning city that has an incredible charm, and sense of culture. If you are a fan of K-drama and K-pop music, then this is a great place to live. The standard of living is a match for any metropolitan city in the world. The city is also a haven for café lovers, and perfect for writers to just sit back and enjoy a nice espresso.

5. Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a truly wonderful place for a writer to live in. It is the Spanish capital, and is a thriving metropolis. The Spanish are known to be a passionate people, with a healthy love for music and the arts. This is captured in the city of Madrid, which boasts a great nightlife and bohemian scene.

6. Boston, United States Of America

If you want to live in one of the oldest cities in the US, you could never go wrong with Boston. The city is known as one of the first cities that took part in the American Revolution, and has a myriad of historical landmarks. It is also the city where the legendary Boston tea party took place. This rich historical background makes Boston a wonderful place to live for a writer.

7. Dublin, Ireland

There is a romantic feel to the city of Dublin. Ireland is the land of bards, and it shows. The streets of Dublin have a lot of buskers and their music is beautiful to hear. The Irish are known for their wit and love for the spoken word.

The vast number of Irish pubs in the city are also a joy, however, they could get quite loud in the wee hours, so don’t expect to get any writing done during these times.

8. London, England

When it comes to cities with a literary history, there are few cities that could match London. A multitude of literary classics were set in London.

Beloved characters such as Sherlock Holmes and Oliver Twist have become synonymous with the city. The city also boasts some of the most magnificent libraries in the world, and are perfect places to do your writing.

9. Rome, Italy

The city that the ancient Romans built is the capital of Italy. There is a certain mystique that is attached to it. While it is still a metropolitan city, it is also city of great antiquity and is a perfect place for historical fiction writers.

While still a modern city, Rome is still full of ruins that date back thousands of years. You could just take a stroll and come upon an ancient Roman villa along the way. It is this closeness to the ancient world that makes Rome a great city to live in.


Writing truly great work could be tricky because there are so many factors involved. An essential factor is the place that you are living in. While you could write great work anywhere, you will have a better chance of writing great work if you live in these cities.

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