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How Long Should a Short Story Last and other queries


Short story writing is one of the most freeing and immersive writing forms you could take up. What is short story writing? It is a story that is written in short form, and is a favorite by many writers. This writing form is fun and could be just as fulfilling as longer writing forms. Before you delve into short story writing though, you should make sure you know the key characteristics of short story writing. Here are some key aspects of short stories that you should be aware of.

What is a short story?

It is a short work of fiction that could be read in a relatively short amount of time, which ranges from 30 to minutes to an hour. It is by far shorter than a novel or even a novella, and is meant to be read in just one sitting.

How long is a short story?

While there is no set word count for a short story, it should never be too long. On average short stories usually number a thousand to seven thousand words. However, there have been some exceptions that could reach 10,000 to even 12,000 words. This makes around 10 to 25 pages worth of content.

What makes up a short story?

If you are thinking of writing a short story, you should at least know the key elements, and incorporate them into your work. This will ensure that your short stories are as complete as possible. Here are the key elements that make up a short story.

· Plot

The plot is the sequence of events that will take place throughout your short story. When you write the plot for your short story, you should make sure that you pace it efficiently. Remember that short stories are nowhere near as long as novellas or novels, so you should be as economical in your pacing as possible.

· Setting

The setting is the time and place where the short story will take place. Due to the shorter nature of the story format, you will need to describe your short story’s setting in a more efficient manner. Don’t waste too much time in describing the place or time where the story takes place. Don’t change the location or timeline either. If possible, set the story in just one place and time, and focus more on the actual events and dialogue.

· Style

The style is how you use your sentence to convey as specific idea or mood. This is particularly important in writing a short story because you will not have that much time to make an impression with your readers. From the very first sentence to the last, you must be able to capture your reader’s attention.

· Point of view

This facet of short story writing is how your readers will see your story. It is very important that you choose a point of view from the beginning, and stick to it throughout the short story. Remember that you won’t have the time to change from a first person view to a third person view in your story. Choose just one point of view, and use it throughout the whole story.

· Conflict

The conflict is the main driver of events in the short story. When you choose the conflict to your story, it is important that it does not take too much time to introduce to your story. From the beginning, there should already be some hints of the conflict. That way, once the conflict does happen, the event will feel as organic as possible.

· Theme

The theme is the concept that you will base your short story on. As you write your story, it is important that your theme is as interesting and all-encompassing as possible. Make sure that you utilize the theme throughout the whole short story.

· Character

As you write your short story, you should make sure that you write your characters in the most efficient way possible. Remember that your readers will see the story through you character’s eyes. Writing characters could be a bit tricky in a short story context, because you have less time to write about your characters. As a rule, you should find a balance and introduce your cast of characters without being too detailed.


If you are going to write a short story, you should know the essential characteristics of the writing form. With this article, you’ll be able to write a great short story of your own.

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