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Important Things to Remember for Self-Publishing Success

Achieving self-publishing success works differently for authors. But two things authors have in common is the strategy and the discipline to execute all that they have in hand. Self-publishing can be challenging for first-time authors so knowing your way around the self-publishing field keep you guided on choosing the right path to take. The following are helpful bits of advice to a greater chance of self-publishing success.

Make the Commitment

Committing to your publishing your book is just as important in committing your life to someone. With self-publishing, it is committing yourself to the process whether it’s more on the bad times and less good times. Despite that, the prize of self-publishing success is rewarding.

Writing this time isn’t just a hobby or an activity to pass time, it’s a path you need to take seriously given that you’re not only forking over your financial resources but also investing your time, effort, and reputation. Successful authors not only look self-publishing as a legacy but also a business, to begin with.

Manage your Time

Don’t write based on your feelings or mood. It has to be something that you really need to do because it’s a necessity. The best practice is to set a deadline for your writing-related tasks and schedule everything including your daily tasks that come in along the way and interfere with your publishing agenda.

Keep Writing

Don’t stop on one book alone. Get to the next, and another, and another one. Successful authors often encounter success after they release a series of books.

Revise and Revise Again

Before you let another pair of eyes go over your masterpiece, revise as much as you can while following a timeline still. Seek help with experienced editors and seek the editing forms you can consider in tweaking your manuscript. Professional editors are always the best investment you can make in your self-publishing journey.

Get Inspiration from the Bestsellers

There will always be someone better than you. The goal is not to compare yourself or feel threatened but to learn from the ones ahead of you, their best practices and whatever didn’t work for them. This way, you can be inspired in finding your own writing style and voice rather than trying to be like someone else. Being yourself works best.

Always Prefer Quality

If you’re hiring an editor or a graphic artist, then make it all the way out — always seek quality rather than settling on cheap graphic services. Don’t choose between editing and a professional-looking cover — you definitely need both. Book covers are crucial during the readers’ first encounter with your book, so does editing.

Increase Your Online Visibility

In this era where everything goes digital, tapping into the digital world is the fastest and easiest way to spread the word about your book. Establish your social media platform and grow your audience. Build a website and send out newsletters to personally reach your readership. Marketing your book online with a concrete strategy is the most effective way yet to establish your brand and reach a million readers.

Engage with Your Readers

Whether it be online or physical book events, engaging or interacting with your readership cultivates relationships. Take the time to respond to their messages. Personalize your email or reach out to them personally to make them feel valued, and not just seen as a prop to your rising fame.

Build up Book Reviews

This may look intimidating but this is what your book ultimately needs. It also adds social proof. Take the courage to approach renowned magazine publications or large literary entities to obtain unbiased book reviews. Influencers and bloggers who are in the scope of the genre you’re working are also an excellent source in gaining book reviews.

Overall, never stop going global. Diversify and learn every day about new ways of promoting your book. Turn your failures as stepping stones toward your success. Reward yourself when you reach a certain target no matter how small that is. Don’t despise the day of small things!

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