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5 Great Tips for Making a Truly Unforgettable Children’s Book!

To write a children’s book is a great endeavor for any writer. This is because children’s books are a refreshing genre that allows you teach kids about life and develop a love for reading. But as fulfilling and admirable as it is to write a children’s book, it has a lot of challenges involved. Foremost amongst these challenges is the competition involved. So before you set out and write a children’s book of your own, you should know how to make it stand out. Here are 5 Great tips for making a truly unforgettable children’s book.

1. Great characters are key

One of the key factors to creating a great children’s book, is to come up with a really great cast of characters. This is because your young readers will see themselves in your characters. They will see the story through your character’s eyes. They may even form attachments towards your cast of characters later on. So don’t just make characters to fit a role. Really take the time to make your characters as colorful, relatable and engaging as possible.

2. Mix in lessons with your story

Seeing as you are writing a children’s book, it is imperative that you mix in lessons with your story. Remember that kids are easily influenced by the things they see. They are at their formative years, and the things that they see and read can really influence how they look at life. So if you are going to write a children’s book you should incorporate life lessons and values into your work. That way, the kids that read your children’s book will not only be entertained, but will also learn how to be a good person.

3. Try out world building

If you want to make your children’s book stand out, it is always a good idea to try out world building. Try to create a world that your character’s can inhabit and have adventures in. A.A Milne did it for Winnie the Pooh with the Hundred Acre Wood and Brian Jacques did it for the Redwall abbey inhabitants by creating Mossflower wood. By creating a world that your characters can develop and explore, you are making your children’s book more sophisticated and immersive. It is also a great way to start a book series of your very own.

4. Make your illustrations as attractive as possible

When you are writing a children’s book, it is really important that you make your illustrations as attractive as possible. This is because children have very short attention spans, and if your book illustrations look boring or lack color, you will most likely lose their attention in no time. So when you create your illustrations, put in the extra time and make them as attractive as possible. If you are artistic and you have the ability to do so, you should try making your own illustrations. This will make your work a handmade quality that can really amaze and attract kids. But if you could afford it, there is really no shame in hiring a professional to make your illustrations for you.

5. Approach the writing process with a childlike sense of wonder

The tips given earlier are very important. But when it comes to making a children’s book the most important thing to take account of is your mindset. It is important that you approach the writing with a childlike sense of wonder. Don’t think of writing a children’s book as an adult would look at it. Don’t look at it as a source of income or fame. Instead, you should look at the writing process as an adventure. Something that you always wanted to do. It is something that should be savored and enjoyed. So take your mind off the sales and target markets, and just make an adventure out of it.

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