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6 Tips for Clearer and Efficient Writing


When it comes to being a skilled writer, it is important that you know how to write in an efficient and concise manner. Many writers often believe that the more words you use, the better. This is a common misconception.

Remember that you don’t need to write too much in order to get your idea across. You only need a few well executed sentences, and you will be able to convey your message to your readers. What’s important is that your writing is as focused as possible. Here are 6 tips for clearer and more efficient writing.

1. Limit your word count

A great way to make your writing more efficient and concise, is to limit your word count. Remember that the number of words you use will not affect the quality of your work. What’s important is how you effectively use those words. When you write, you should keep track of the words you use. This will enable you to write in a more effective and concise manner.

2. Create an outline for your work

If you want to write in a more efficient manner, you should create an outline for your work. This will make it easier for you to keep track of your overall storyline. It will also make your writing more goal oriented. When you write your outline, you should make sure that you identify the key points of your story. You should identify the beginning, middle, and the end of your story. Aside from these elements, you should also plot out the key conflict points of your story. This will help you transition key parts of your story, and avoid making the plot too convoluted. Remember that the more you drag out the story, the more chances your readers will get tired of it.

3. Don’t use jargon

It is best if you avoid using jargon in your writing. Jargon are words that are specialized for a certain profession or purpose. Writers use jargon to give their writing a sense of sophistication, however, they won’t add anything to your writing. Using jargon may even make your writing sound pretentious. You could use jargon, if you have to use it to explain a specific concept. However, if the jargon is unnecessary, then you should just avoid them entirely.

4. Don’t repeat yourself

A common mistake that many writers seem to make, is that they repeat themselves in their writing. This is a bad practice, because it does not add anything to your writing. It just wastes the reader’s time, and it will take you longer to get to the heart of the matter. Make it a habit to double back on your work, and check if you reused a phrase or a concept.

5. Write with a goal in mind

If you want to make your writing more cohesive, you should make sure that you write with a goal in mind. Don’t just write for the sake of writing. Each word you use, should contribute to a specific goal. If you write aimlessly, you’ll just waste your time, and not make an impact with your readers. Before you start writing your book, you should first identify your key goal for your writing. What are you trying to convey? What end point are you trying to reach in your writing? How are you going to convey your idea? By writing with a goal in mind, you won’t waste time and energy on fruitless concepts.

6. Avoid using filler words

If you want your writing to be as efficient, it is important that you avoid using filler words. These are words that don’t contribute anything to your writing. They are there to make your writing look longer. These words will make your writing sound flowery, yet they won’t convey anything to the overall effect of your writing. Some key examples of filler words, are highly, so, very, needless to say, for what it’s worth, and at the end of the day.


If you want your writing to be as efficient and concise as possible, you should have a set strategy. You don’t need to use too many words, in order to convey your ideas. What’s important is the content, and how you use your words. With these tips, you’ll be able write in a more efficient and concise manner.

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