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Great Tips on How to Write a Journal

tips on how to write a journal

If you are thinking of writing a journal for the very first time, it is important that you know exactly what you are doing. What is journal writing? It is the act of writing down your day to day experiences on a writing device. Take into account that you will need to be as open as possible, when you write in your journal. It is a great way get rid of stress.

The activity may seem easy, however, journaling is actually a bit trickier than you think. Here are some great tips on how to write a journal of your very own.

1. Decide what you want to write about

Before you start writing your journal, you should at least have some journaling ideas. Remember that you will be writing every day in your journal. If you don’t know what you exactly want to write about, you may run out of ideas in the long run. So you should decide on what to write about in a journal.

Luckily, there are a lot of ways you could make your journal writing more fruitful. Here are some ideas to get you started.

· Write about your daily activities

· Write down the things that makes you happy

· Take note of a new word that you learned

· List down short term and long term goals, and the steps that you will take to achieve them

· Journal about the new people you meet

· List down the problems you faced that day, and how you were able to overcome them

· Discuss the people in your life, and their importance.

2. Choose an easy to use writing device

Before you start journal writing, it is important that you choose a writing device that is both easy to use, and durable. If you are a more traditional writer, you could choose to use a notebook. The best thing about a notebook is the ease of use. You could carry it around with you, and is never bulky.

You could even have your notebook leather bound to give it a sturdier and aesthetic feel. The only setback is that the pages in a journal runs out, and the notebook could get damaged. If you are going to journal with a notebook, you should make sure to keep it safe.

If you are going to use an electronic device such as a computer or tablet, you will have an easier time using it, and you there is no danger of the pages running out. The only setback is that electrical devices will eventually run out of energy, so you will need to bring a charger constantly. Electrical devices are also very easy to damage, so you should be extra careful.

3. Security is key

Remember when you are writing in your journal that you will be expressing your innermost thoughts and writing down your experiences. While some people do share their journal to the public, you are not under any obligation to do so. As a rule, you should be extra careful where you store your journal.

If you are writing on a notebook, you should invest in a leather jacket with a clasp. This will ensure that your notebook is not easy to open. If you are using an electrical device to journal, you should lock it with a password, and use a writing software that could only be opened if it is shared. These are your innermost thoughts we are talking about, so you should be as careful as possible.

4. Choose a set writing schedule

If you want to make the most out of your journal writing, it is important that you choose a writing schedule, and stick to it. There will be times where you will not have the motivation to write in your journal. However, you should remember that your journal writing is for your own benefit. Put in the time, and you’ll be surprised at how fulfilling your journal writing sessions could be.

5. Be honest when you write

A great benefit of journal writing, is that it allows you to share your innermost thoughts without feeling self-conscious.

Remember that you are writing in your journal because you want to record your experiences, and also how you felt during the day. Give yourself freedom to be vulnerable, and share your insecurities and also your goals in life.

6. Write like you talk

As you write down your entries, it is important that you write like you talk. Remember that your writing should capture how you really are as a person. As a rule, you should only write the way you would talk. This will give your journal a sense of authenticity, and give readers a glimpse into who you really are. That is, if you let people read your journal.

7. Date all your entries

Aside from being a great way to relieve stress, journal writing is meant to act as a record of all your day to day activities. You should make sure to date all your entries. Aside from the actual day, you should also write down the time. This will ensure your journal entries are as accurate as possible.

8. Be purposeful in your writing

As a newbie at journal writing, it is important that you are purposeful in your writing. Don’t just write a journal entry just for the sake of writing. You should have a set topic for the day to write about, and write in a detailed manner. You could use phrases that you learned during the day. This will add a sense of flair to your writing. Remember that journal writing is also a great way to improve your overall writing skills.


When it comes to writing a journal, it is important that you know what you are doing. Remember that you will be writing down your day to day experiences every day, so you should know how to do so effectively. With these tips, you’ll write a journal the right way.

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