Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing? Which One Is for You?

Flynn Hannan
Nov 11, 2019 · 3 min read
traditional vs self-publishing
traditional vs self-publishing

If you are thinking of publishing a book of your very own, you should really know your book publishing options as early as possible. That way, once you do finish writing your book can get started on the book publishing process right away. But if you are just starting out as a writer, what are your options? You technically have two to choose from. These are traditional publishing and self-publishing and they each have their own pros and cons. And it is up to you to choose. Here are the pros and cons of the two, to help you decide.

Traditional publishing: This form of publishing is by far the most widely used and established. This is because it has been the only recognized publishing option for a very long time. And because of this, a lot of people usually consider it to be the only viable publishing option. In many ways getting a publishing deal with a traditional publishing house is a big deal.


· Traditional publishing houses usually do a majority of the work.

· The publishing house will usually pay for the entire book publishing process.

· Traditional publishing houses have a roster of highly skilled publishing professionals.

· Your book will have access to various bookstores and retail stores.

· You will receive quality book marketing support.


· It can be difficult to get a publishing deal.

· You will have to give up some of your book rights to the publishing house.

· The publishing house will have creative control over your book.

· You will give up some of the book royalties to the publishing house.

· You will have to follow the publishing house’s book publishing schedule.

· Seeing as you are not the only author affiliated with the publishing house, you will have to wait your turn before your book is published.

Self-publishing: This form of publishing is very recent compared to traditional publishing. As the name implies, you will be the one publishing the book by yourself. This option was considered almost impossible a few decades ago, but with new technology such as the print on demand services, self-publishing has become quite more possible.


· You will get to keep a majority of your book rights.

· You will have overall control of the book publishing process.

· Any royalties that your book will earn, you will get to keep.

· You can get started right away.

· You get to choose the publishing professionals you work with.


· You will have to do most of the work by yourself.

· You will have to pay for the entire process.

· Self-publishing is sometimes considered less credible.

· It can be difficult to get your book into reputable bookstores.


As it was stated earlier, choosing a publishing option is a must, but you must not hurry. Take a close look at both options. If you want to publish your book in relative comfort and a slightly higher credibility rate, then traditional publishing is for you. But you should also take into account that getting a traditional publishing deal is very difficult. And it can take a great deal of time before you manage to get one. Self-publishing on the other hand is self-explanatory. You will have over-all control of your publishing. You will also have the potential to earn more because you will get to keep overall rights to your book and royalties. The only setback is that you will have to pay for the entire process yourself. You will also have to work extra hard to prove your credibility to get your book into bookstores. Overall, it really depends on you how you weigh their pros and cons.

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