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8 Types of Creative Writing Every Writer Should Try Out

types of creative writing

If you want to try your hand at being a professional writer, you should make sure that your writing skills are up to the task. To be considered a professional writer, your writing ability should be as multifaceted as possible. This is why you should really try out various types of creative writing to expand your writing repertoire. Here are 10 Types of creative writing every writer should try out.

1. Journal

Journals are a great way to practice your writing because you have to write on them on a daily basis. There are many types of journals that range from a dream journal, a gratitude journal or a prayer journal. Through these journals you can write about your experiences and your innermost feelings. It is a great way to develop your expressive writing, and cultivate your writing skills at the same time.

2. Poetry

Poetry is one of the oldest forms of creative writing styles, and it is still quite popular to this day. The main intent of writing poetry is to make your wordplay rhyme or at least have a rhythmic quality to it. There are many forms of poetry that you can try out. Writing poetry on a daily basis will allow you to develop a more spontaneous writing style.

3. Essay

Although some essays are of a more academic nature, they are still great exercises to enhance your writing skills. There are many forms of essays, and they all entail you to prove a point or to educate other people on a certain topic. This means that you will have to be more systematic in your approach to writing.

4. Letters

Writing is not limited to telling a story, it is also about being able to properly convey your point through your writing. The best way to develop this skill is to practice letter writing. Great letter writers such as Alexander Hamilton were particularly known for writing a multitude of letters to prove his point or beliefs.

5. Blogging

Blogging is a relatively new way to practice your writing. It is a platform from where you can publish your work and make it accessible to the reading public. Through a blog you can practically post a myriad of writing activities such as essays, articles and poems to name just a few.

6. Speeches

Speech writing is somewhat different to other forms of writing, because it is meant to address an audience directly. It is meant to evoke emotions such as inspiration from your audience. Speeches are supposed to be read in front of an audience or need to be practiced for a well thought-out delivery.

7. Reporting

Reporting is a great way to improve your writing technique because there are so many aspects that you have to take account of. When you write a report, you are expected to describe key aspects of an event in the most detailed way possible. However, it should not be so detail oriented that it just becomes a plain report. It should be conveyed in a way that it could capture your reader’s attention.

8. Script-Writing

Script-writing is pretty much like telling a story, but there is the added context that you are writing it for film, theater and TV shows. This means your writing should be a lot more detailed. Every aspect of a scene should be as descriptive as possible. You should also write down the key motivations of your characters to help them get their acting just right.


Being a professional writer can be quite a challenge. You will need to be as multifaceted with your writing skills as possible. By trying your hand at these types of creative writing, your writing ability will increase to new heights.

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