4 Effective and Easy to Do Ways to Support a Writer!

Flynn Hannan
Oct 29 · 4 min read
how to support a writer friend
how to support a writer friend

If there’s one thing you should know about writing, it is the fact that it can be very difficult. This is because writing takes a great deal of work and time. And if you have a loved one who is a writer or aspiring to be one, you should know that they have their work cut out for them. So if you want to make their writing journey a lot easier, you should have a set strategy. Here are 4 Effective and easy to do ways to support a writer.

1. Moral support can go a long way

As it was stated earlier, it is never easy to be a writer. Not only are you expected to work long hours, there is also a sense of uncertainty. This is because being a writer really is an uncertain profession. There is no way of knowing whether you are going to succeed or not. And this kind of uncertainty can be really terrifying. So if you want to support the writer in your life, you should give him or her as much moral support as you can. Cheer them on, Compliment their work and urge them to be as adventurous as possible. All in all, a little moral support can go a long way.

2. Help them keep their writing schedules

Aside from the fear of failure that is evident in all writers, there is also the difficulty of keeping up with a schedule. This is because writers need to be as consistent with their work as possible. And it could get quite monotonous for a writer to keep a writing schedule for long periods of time. So if you want to do your part and help the writer in your life succeed, you can help them keep their schedule. It could be a simple reminder, a gentle push or a firm pep talk if they lose their nerve or motivation. You could also help them with chores or certain tasks to make their writing sessions a lot easier.

3. Be a willing audience

Writers, especially newbie writers can be quite touchy about their work. And a bad review could set their confidence back a long way. So if the writer in your life asks you to read or listen to their work, be as obliging as possible. This is because the more obliging you are as an audience, the more confidence they will gain in the process. So if they want you to listen to a poem, read an article they wrote, or hear your opinions on a manuscript they just finished, be as obliging as possible.

4. Spread the word

Being a writer can be quite a lonely prospect. This is especially true during the book marketing process. This is because the book marketing process can be quite harsh. And if you are a beginner author, marketing your own book could become a nightmare. This is where the author’s friends come in. By spreading the word of his or her book, you will be able make the book marketing process a lot easier. There are so many ways you can spread the word of your writer friend’s work. You can post examples of his or her work through your Facebook account. You could also Tweet about it through Twitter. Overall there are a myriad of ways you can help your writer friend during the book marketing process.

ways to support a writer
ways to support a writer

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