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4 Reasons Why You Should Use Method Writing in Your Writing Sessions!

reasons why you should use method writing

Have you ever had trouble making your writing more multifaceted or realistic? Do you feel that your writing is a bit robotic and that it lacks a certain pizazz? In short, is your writing just downright boring? If it is don’t despair. You just need a whole new take on the writing process. Have you ever tried out method writing? What is method writing you ask? Method writing is like method acting. It is a writing style wherein you put yourself in the character’s place. You will feel what they feel. You will see what they feel. You will be your characters. But is it really that effective? Here are 4 Reasons why you should use method writing in your writing sessions.

1. You can use past experiences to color your writing

One of the best things about using method writing in your work is that you can use aspects of your personality in your writing. For example, you are writing about a sad event in your character’s life. You can use method writing to make this event more poignant and relatable. Look deep within yourself. Has there ever been a time where you felt sad? What was the cause? Was it a failure? A death of a loved one? Loneliness? By looking deep within yourself, and dredging up past memories, you can use method writing to add color and texture to your work.

2. You can use aspects of your personality in your writing

Aside from using past experiences in your writing, you could also use your own personality traits to make your character’s more relatable. For example, you are writing about a character who is stubborn and would not budge on a certain issue. So it would be a good idea to look deep within yourself and try to remember instances in your life where you were stubborn. Did you argue with a friend? What was it about? What did it feel like? By looking inward and feeling that emotion, you can tap into this personality trait and use it in your own writing.

3. You will be able to use sensory details more effectively

Method writing will also allow you to write sensory details more effectively. This is because by using method writing, you can tap into your past experiences or imagine how it truly feels to do or experience something. For example, you are writing about a chilly winter morning. Well, if you’ve never really spent time in a country that has winter, it could be a bit difficult to describe it. But if you use method writing, and imagine yourself there, you can feel the chill. The texture of the snowflakes landing on your skin and the other sensations that come with being cold. This is the true beauty of method writing. It allows you to use your imagination in the best way possible.

4. Your characters will become more multifaceted and realistic

One of the best things about method writing is it can make your character’s a lot more multifaceted and realistic. This is because by using the method writing process, you can internalize your character’s experiences and memories. For example, you are writing about someone who is struggling with alcoholism. And seeing as method writing is about drawing from your own experiences, you could use it to your advantage. So look back on a time where you also got drunk. Do you remember the freeing and the heady feeling of alcohol? Did it feel good? Then mix it in with a time that you got obsessed with something. Like when you got addicted to watch a show or play a video game. Was it an addictive feeling? By looking back on these memories, you can combine them and use them in your writing. All in all, method writing is really about incorporating your own experiences and imaginations into your writing. And the more effectively you do that, the more multifaceted and realistic your characters will be.

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