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7 Tips for Writing without any Distractions


When it comes to writing good quality content, it is important that you rid yourself of any potential distractions. Remember that writing is already a time consuming prospect, and you will need all your mental faculties to do it right. If you have distractions hounding you at every turn, then your chances of writing great work is also very low. As a rule, you should make sure that you eradicate any source of distraction during the writing process. Here are 7 tips for writing without distractions.

1. Choose a great writing area

If you want to write without any distractions, you should make sure that you have the best writing area possible. Remember that during the writing process, you will be staying at the writing area for long periods of time. If the writing area is crowded or noisy, then you won’t really be able to fully focus on the writing process. There will also be a lot of distractions such as people passing by, noise, and other forms of media that may get you distracted. As a rule, you should choose your writing area carefully. Make sure that it is not a place where too many people go to. The writing area could be your room, study, or the library. What’s important is that it is comfortable, accessible, and quiet.

2. Schedule your writing sessions

Make sure that you schedule your writing sessions. Remember that if you don’t schedule your writing sessions, there is a chance that distractions could start creeping in. A friend may come in with a weekend trip, or your partner proposes a trip. If your writing sessions are not set, then you will be able to put off your writing. Next thing you know it has been a few weeks, and you have yet to do any work. By having a set schedule for your writing sessions, you could safeguard your time from distractions.

3. Use noise cancelling equipment

A very important part of writing without distraction is that you keep the noise levels at a minimum. Remember that you will need to focus on the writing process. Even if you are in your room or library, there will always be outside noise that will distract you. By having noise cancelling equipment such as noise cancelling headphones or earplugs, you could defend yourself against noise related distractions.

4. Lighting is key

A key factor in writing efficiently is lighting. If you have trouble seeing your work, then you are not writing at optimum levels. Make sure that your work place has the best lighting options possible. The place must at least have a good lamp or two to illuminate your work. You should also avoid using overly bright lights, because they could create a glare that could distract you from work.

5. Have food and drink at the ready

As you are writing content, there will be times where you will get hungry or thirsty. You may have to get up and interrupt your work. With this in mind, it is best that you have food and drink at the ready. This is especially important if you are having a very long writing session. This does not mean that you should have full meals. Just have a drink and light snack at the ready, just in case you get hungry.

6. Ready your writing equipment

If you want to focus during the writing process, you should make sure that you have your writing equipment at the ready. Remember that once you start the writing process, you should give the endeavor your all. If you have to stop because your laptop ran out of the power, or your notebook no longer has any pages, then you are doing yourself a disservice.

7. Your family and friends should respect your writing time

When it comes to finding the time for your writing sessions, it is important that your family and friends help out. They don’t have to do any of the actual writing themselves, however, they should at least recognize the importance of the endeavor, and offer any support they could give. At the very least, they should not bother you as you work.


If you want to write great work, you should make sure you write without any distractions. Writing takes a great degree of focus, so you should make sure you rid yourself without distractions. With these tips, you’ll know how to how to write without distractions.

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