Simon Dillon: Where Did He Come From, and Can We Keep Him?

Writer of many talents, film afficionado, and all round decent bloke

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First, may I say I love this idea for a publication, and love being able to draw your attention to some genuinely talented writers on Medium. This won’t be my last writer’s review.

Simon Dillon is always the first with a kind word, a clap and an engaging comment, which is why I’ve chosen his work first.

From memory, my first chat with Mr Dillon was on the Argumentative Penguin’s comment section. We were discussing the deeply important topic of Hobknobs, Digestives and Viscount biscuits.

Simon hails from the UK, as do I originally, and he has that dry UK wit I so appreciate — and his version of a rant is still polite and engaging.

Simon writes intelligently, eloquently and passionately on a number of topics.

I thought I appreciated movies — but Simon really appreciates movies. I’ve learned a great deal from reading his enthusiastic, articulate and informative reviews of films from many different genres and eras. I now have an actual Simon Dillon list of movies I need to see. He’s seen a lot of movies. I once mentioned a movie he hasn’t yet seen (The Thirteenth Floor), and have still hardly recovered from the shock.

But wait, there’s more. Simon writes his own fiction too. This haunting tale is one I particularly enjoyed:

Although an expert in the field of film, Simon is no elitist, and indeed discusses how much he dislikes snobbery amongst the arts in this piece:

He’s a highly enthusiastic and knowledgeable follower of SF and Horror and has written eloquently about how his love of these genres intersects with but is also sometimes challenged by his faith:

Although he has his own religious views, he’s not the preachy type — and indeed exhorts us not to preach as writers either, in order to be genuinely persuasive.

I was starting to feel there was little to read on Medium when I stumbled across Simon’s work, and I’m so glad I did. He brings humour, wit and intelligence to his articles, and is one of my favourite writers here.

And so, fellow writers, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Simon Dillon.

But I do have one warning for you. Under no circumstances should you ever admit that although you do like seeing movies in the theatre, and enjoy the whole cinematic experience, you’re also perfectly happy to watch lots of films on your Smart TV in the comfort of your living room.

I mean, not me, obviously.

I’d never admit to that.

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