is a content management system that comes with a curated list of articles to read and research from. Read here to find out why we built a reader view in The ability to make notes facilitates the research.

From our rigorous study with content creators, publishing houses and content marketers we understood that an overview of daily important events is the most crucial information a content creator is looking for. For this they follow a list of people, publications, and blogs on various platforms on a regular basis. It is easier said than done. To keep track of multiple sources that would give you regular information about events as they unfold is daunting and mechanical. People lose track of information coming from different sources on different events, loss of information makes it even more confusing to follow up later and other such dilemmas creep in as more information starts flowing in through the day. We took a hard look at the way the searches for daily updates were performed. More often than not their searches revolved around important events which may have occurred on that day or week.

‘Mathura’, ‘Syria Bombings’, ‘ISIS claims attack’, ‘Narendra Modi visit’, ‘Kanhaiya Kumar protests’ etc. are examples of events that were of interest. We dug deep to realize our users were searching for top events of the day and they weren’t satisfied by just one source. They wanted to read about the same event from multiple sources — to cross check facts / authenticity and to find out different angles the story has developed into.

We got back to the drawing board and started figuring out how we can solve this problem. We looked at twitter trends and realized there is way too much noise in it. We looked at Google news and were excited. Google has done a fabulous job of organizing news for all kind of consumption. We focused on content creators. We wanted to build the same for content writers who read well before they publish. Content writers want to track events unfolding in real time.

We made Trends in order to perform all the monitoring tasks in one view in one go. Now, a user is looking at a list of reports from top publishers around all the important events that are unfolding throughout the day with perspectives from different publications. Be it events from Sports, Politics, Daily News, Entertainment, Technology or Business, a user has it all.

The trends view of is powered by a weak AI. We call it AI because it is intelligently automating a major part of providing a literature review that nearly all content writers spend tiring hours looking for. We call it weak because we are building powerful features over it. Only after exploiting the ruthless power of this small bot can we make it stronger. We aim to build recommendation engine, contextual search engine, a quote searcher and the ability to generate time-line of given events. We are at the tip of the iceberg and there’s more to dig. There is more to come.

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