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Are you a Pro at Procrastination?

I am.

I’m so pro at it, I could set up a school, offer diplomas, degrees, special awards.

I could set up a university. The University of Procrastination.

There I could teach you all the best ways to procrastinate. A million ways you haven’t thought of yet…

Though something tells me, you probably already have.

And if that’s the case, I could offer you a job.

Together we can become Academics, Research Fellows, Professors of Procrastination…

There’s just one catch.

If we managed to conquer our procrastination habits, we would no longer be procrastination experts.

We would be reformed, recovered, reconstituted, born again.

And we all know how boring that is!

The problem with the Big P is that we think it’s just a matter of breaking the cycle, setting a few deadlines, disrupting our habit.

We forget that our procrastination is usually trying to send us a message.

So next time instead of beating yourself up and then procrastinating some more…

Make a list

Not of all the things you think you should do to break the Big P habit…

But of some of the things you might be afraid of right now.

Go a little deeper and ask where do these fears come from? What can I do about them? How are they stopping me from doing what I really want to do?

Choose one thing from your list and put it at the top of your next page. Start writing, keep going for as long as you can. When you exhaust one, do it with another, and another. Keep writing until you can’t write any more.

If you are still a Pro at the end of this process, get in touch.

I’m afraid all our positions are currently filled, and we don’t take on casual staff, but we could set up a waiting list, hehe….

©Jan Cornall 2022.

Writer Jan Cornall leads international writer’s workshops, retreats and journeys with her company Writer’s Journey.

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