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Finding New Ways to Travel

creative journeys around the house…

In this time of restricted living when all our travel plans (even to the next suburb) are on hold, how can we find new ways of exploring unchartered horizons. The obvious answer is to turn within, to examine the minutiae of life that goes unnoticed all around us.

Here is a simple exercise I use on our retreats that always leads to wonderful writing.It is usually done outside but you can do it in your house or apartment.

Think of a number under 20.

Think of a direction — North, South, East, West, North East, South West etc.

Carrying a note book and pen walk in that direction for the number of steps. Sit down in the place you arrived at and in a small radius around you, examine in detail what you see. Don’t rush, allow yourself to enter into a state of deep observation noticing everything you can about what is before you. When you feel the impulse, start to write without stopping, first describing what you see then allowing the writing to take you where ever it wants to go. Write for about 15 minutes or so, bringing the writing back to your starting point and finishing up.

Walking nine steps eastwards, I ended up right here on my balcony.

You can do this exercise again and again , each time exploring different areas of your house. You can even take yourself off to designated destinations like: the cutlery drawer, the linen cupboard, the garden shed, the pantry, the underwear drawer, the laundry shelf, the storage cupboard and more.

My cutlery drawer has many stories to tell!

Leave no cushion or throw unturned. Go on forays to different rooms at different times of day or night and see what your journeys turn up.

At the end of a couple of weeks, start transferring your best pieces into a journal (with plenty of room for more), add sketches, maps, or photos. Keep writing, sketching, collecting in this way until there is an end in sight.

Happy travelling!

My favourite rug purchased in 2018 in Rissani, Morocco, always happy to land here!

© Jan Cornall 2020

Jan Cornall is an Australian writer/performer /mentor who leads international creativity workshops and journeys for writers and artists. Past locations include Bali, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, Fiji, Japan, Morocco and more.

For over 15 years Jan has worked as a writing mentor and creative coach. A number of writers working with her have gone on to publish with major publishing houses.

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