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How did you go?

Give yourself a break this holiday season.

Photo by Cheng Feng, Unsplash.

Now we are near the end of the year how are you feeling about your creative achievements for 2021? Did you face more challenges than usual due to Covid and/or other factors? Were you able to turn these to your advantage, or are you feeling like you want to rewind and start again?

Whatever the answer, what ever your output, it’s always good at this time to take a look back at how your year has actually been rather than how you may feel it has been. For example until I did this exercise I was berating myself thinking I had wasted too much time and acheived little. But when I looked back I realised I had done much more than I was giving myself credit for.

Take a few moments to do this exercise now. You can apply it to any creative activity or any area of your life.

1. Look back to the beginning of the year. What did you start the year with and where have you arrived now? Make a list of the things you have achieved.

2. Are you happy with your achievements, or frustrated you didn’t get more done.

3. What were the main obstacles you faced? How did you overcome them?

4. What have you learned about the way you work? What lessons/ inspirations do you want to take into 2022?

5. What tips would you give others about the creative process?

6.What do you still have left to complete? There’s still time for redemption. Make a plan for what you want to achieve by the 31st of December. Even if you are on holidays you can spare 10 mins a day!

Photo by Joshua Hoehne, Unpslash.

Want to get going in 2022?

If you are a writer in a compatible time zone to AEST, join us when Draft Busters Online begins again January 10 . Info and Bookings here!

Need a mentor for your creative project? Contact Jan here.

Jan Cornall is an Australian writer/performer /mentor who leads creativity workshops and journeys for writers and artists. A good number of writers working with Jan have gone on to publish with major publishing houses.

Insta: @_writersjourney


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