An interview with Aaron Edwards

And what happens when taking terrifying personal plunges doesn’t always turn out the way you’d like

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Aaron Edwards is a mobile editor at Buzzfeed News. Before that, he was an editor at Breaking News, at Digital First Media’s Project Thunderdome (I need to know where the name came from), and at the New York Times as a James Reston Reporting Fellow. He also held internships at The AP London Bureau, the Atlanta Journal-Constition, the CBS News National Desk and the New York Times Institute. He also happened to be the award-winning editor of Kyle and My college newspaper, The Ithacan.

Aaron is kind of a phenom, which he would hate me saying. When he was 20 years old, he had an A1 (section A, page 1 = the cover) in the New York Times. Consider that for a moment. He couldn’t buy a beer, buy he had one of the most important audiences in the country staring at his byline. He has brought this talent with him to each of his respected and prominent jobs, and in the interview he has a pretty commanding yet humble dialogue. What I’m trying to say is that he’s a strong storyteller.

That’s why his story, about coming out as gay to his mom in his teenage years was so powerful. As you’ll also hear, Aaron has a tight-knit and religious family life, so when he came out their first instinct was to ask him to speak to their Pastor. It turns out to have gone worse than you may think.

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