Jessica Pressler feels all the feels

An interview with Jessica Pressler

Jessica Pressler is a contributing writer for New York Magazine and has written for Elle, GQ, and dozens of other outlets. She speaks to us this week about her profile pieces on the titans of the finance world, celebrity interviews, the tendencies of her subjects to treat her both as friend and foe, and why she struggles to write as a woman in a largely male-dominated world.

One of the things Jessica mentions in our interview is the anxiety that comes from working within a constantly changing media ecosystem. It’s no secret that a lot of legacy media outlets are trying to figure out how to stay relevant in today’s world of Snapchat and Twitter. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking on this problem over the years, and in fact whether or not it’s a problem in the first place.

During the interview, Jessica says “Story telling is more important than it’s ever been, across the board,” which is a really important statement. At the heart of these fears, each new network is simply a different medium to tell a story, and looking beyond brands advocating their products we have a lot of people who are finally able to communicate their struggles and success in the world. Each time a story is read, heard or watched, some kind of emotion or feeling is released and people feel something. That’s important.

Listen to the interview and I promise you’ll feel something.

On another note, Kyle and I are sorry not to have released an episode last week, but we promise you won’t be disappointed. We’ve spent the last few weeks preparing for what I’ll call our Summer season, and we’re really excited to share our next round of guests with you all. We also wanted to say thank you, as every time you listen to an episode of Writers Who Don’t Write, Kyle and I are a little bit happier with our decision to spend so much time on this project. So thank you.

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