Submission guidelines — what we’re looking for and how to apply

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2 min readApr 30, 2021

Welcome to Write the Magic! There’s strength in numbers, so rather than trying to build a writing platform alone, this publication is meant to help authors get a visibility boost without doing all the hard work of networking or creating years of content.

It’s still early, but the faster we create a ton of useful, interesting, valuable content that helps authors and writers, the more visibility we will get. We’re mostly looking for stuff about the craft of writing; publishing or book marketing tips; writer-lifestyle pieces of productivity hacks. Anything related to writing in general, and books specifically.

Curation Guidelines

I’m an expert procrastinator, so I’ll skim quickly and then ignore. If it looks mostly fine, kind of useful, actually valuable — I’ll approve it. If it’s something I need to tweak or edit, I might send it back with a brief rejection note but most likely it’ll just pile up on the reject pile. I want to be inclusive; but this will only work if we publish quality articles.

(My work ethic… )

So how do I submit to Write the Magic?

If you’re relatively new to Medium, you might not know how the publishing thing works. First, you need to be added as a writer on a publication by an editor. In this case, that will be me.

Second, the editor will need to know your username so they can find you in Medium’s system. My username for example is ‘@creativindie’ — but many people choose complex names instead.

Your username isn’t your display name unless you set it as such. As an editor — this makes it hard/difficult to find people. Please don’t make it harder than it needs to be.

Thirdly, if this all sounds okay for you, then please comment on this article that you want to be added and include your username so I can copy and paste it.

Fourthly, when you’re finished writing your article about writing, Medium, or blogging — you can go to the little 3 dots up top on your screen, click it, and then click ‘Add to publication.’ In there you’ll see Write the Magic (if I’ve added you as a writer) — select that, then hit the little green ‘Submit’ button when you’re done.

Add in your tags and you’re off to the races.



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