Progression: An Homage to Nonlinear Thinking

If one was to ask those closest to me to describe the mannerisms of how I talk or think, they would make it apparent that my thought process is very nonlinear. Nonlinearity has acted as a distinguishing quality that has added unique perspective to my life in a variety of manners. Throughout my journey of writing in this period I have learned that it can be quite difficult for me to be specific and transparent as I truly enjoy delving into profound aspects that may require reading between the lines to understand. By these realizations I have come to understand more, the role of writing in teaching me about understanding the superfluous structure that defines my thought process.

In the first piece that I wrote this period, titled Respecting the Personal Cultures of Authors, I dove into an article titled, Should Writers Use They Own English by Vershawn Ashanti Young. I had been introduced to a deeper understand that writing is to be a medium of personal exploration. In my piece, I said:

Link to the Piece:

In the piece I had been writing with reference to a specific quote and I hadn’t truly realized the personal implications by my writing that statement. I had begun to notice different aspects of my writing when reading this piece that speaks on dialectal writing styles because it opened my eyes to the chorus of ideas in harmony. In essence I came to view my nonlinearity as a possible benefit by providing perspectives in a unique manner because of Young’s perspective that “pluralingualism” allows distinct and special aspects within a piece of writing. Interacting styles therefore develop interacting perspectives and by nature, new spaces in which to contribute.

Continuing beyond this experience I still struggled(and continue to) with being direct to my point. I think my interviews in Meeting Myself [From an Observer’s Perspective] show that my interests and enthrallments stem in different directions as I find similarities among fairly different things. This is a main reason that I connect seemingly unrelated topics mentally and in turn within my writing as I consider it to be necessary to think of things in unity to appreciate that which is “between the lines”. Within my pieces this semester I have found it necessary to direct the reader on the path with me instead of trying to force myself to follow a strictly linear path.

I attempted to force myself to follow a linear structure in my first version of Meeting Myself [From an Observer’s Perspective]. I had attempted to contain the many things I learned from my friends in progressive structure defining clear traits about me, but I instead wrote a document with a list of disconnected statements that would derive no clear takeaway. Separating the ideas into different spaces allowed me to explore the respective space more clearly, because the goal was to group the ideas shared by my friends.

In the first published draft(the 3rd draft) of The Vastness of Expression and Discovery: An Amalgamation of Active Inquiry, I had attempted to define three main categories explaining aspects of who I am within my identity as Active Inquirer, because a more clearly defined structure worked the last time. These separated sections with sub-sections were something I had put in place to ensure that I would follow a direct and clear path to a clear and outlying point defining a monumental aspect of who I am. Despite the means that were worked in to ensure my specificity, I had again created a disconnected and seemingly uncoordinated list of facts about me. A list of facts is much more similar to a textbook than a piece of writing with meaningful impact, and much like the chapters of a textbook, my ideas were not linked.

In revision of The Vastness of Expression and Discovery: An Amalgamation of Active Inquiry, I had spent hours rearranging and considering how I have progressed up to my stance as an Active Inquirer. I had done this by rearranging things in a structure that seemed to present the journey I took in my life. I rewrote portions with the focus reflective upon what I felt would be an opportunity to open my audience up to see my story the way I felt it most imperative(the fashion that provided insights about me between the lines). My realizations followed that when I permitted myself to just write and probe the unknown I was impacted profoundly because I unearthed the words rather than coming with them.

Through the process of this semester I have come across the discovery that I must not suppress my prevalent nonlinearity, but work to harness it and channel it effectively. My role as a writer is to share a journey with the reader and present unique perspective throughout it. If I allow myself to simply write while considering my focus I can progress. When I am not writing with defined dignity and purpose, no matter the structure, my writing becomes word soup where one has to excavate to find meaning.

This has created impact for me as I may now permit myself to go on a journey and discover what is at the heart of my inspirations, by delving into them. I can then form the sea of complexity that is my mind into something tangible on a page. The words, although tangible, then paint a picture. Through writing and understanding the means in which I write best, I have uncovered the defined possible benefits of my nonlinear perspective because I have provided a means to create manifestations of my inner ideas.

Through a novel that I have been preparing to write I have begun to disclose to myself to the various tokens of inspiration that other novels, films, and t.v. shows have crafted within me. I am now able to see the way that I think more clearly and with more articulate sincerity because I have used writing as a means to paint the flow that my mind follows for myself to see. In my latest piece, The Vastness of Expression and Discovery: An Amalgamation of Active Inquiry, my deep study of my evolution to an actor and a physicist showed more vividly than ever before, the deeply rooted connection between them. This connection between two seemingly unrelated subjects that are integral to who I am had only developed from the way that I consider curiosity to be about constant cycle of thought to emotion to more profound thought. This cycle has established itself by my insatiable curiosity and yearning to create unprecedented adventures.

To more directly substantiate the ordained role of writing within my life, its role must be specified symbolically. By this I mean to say that writing has played many roles in my life taking the form of the loving family pet, or the parent who stands right behind you encouraging you to continue on with your goals at heart. It’s the family pet because it will listen to you endlessly hearing your thoughts and sentiments and channeling them into support. A blank page is always ready for the adventures you are going to craft on it. It acts as supportive parent because it provides you with a guiding hand that it is a medium to express and explore the path to adventure. Writing has advocated a deeper understanding that my mental and emotional nonlinearity permits my explorations to be distinct and through writing this is referred to as originality. Writing has presented my superpower, so let me now venture with nonlinear, but impacting progression.

Check out my latest piece:

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Class, this semester we will write. We will use language to cultivate real VALUABLE KNOWLEDGE. We will share that knowledge with each other to build a working learning COMMUNITY.

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