The Vastness of Expression and Discovery: The Amalgamation of Active Inquiry

In the natural course of my life many complex experiences have played a role in distinguishing my identity as an Active Inquirer. An inquirer is someone who walks through the world with many questions considering the laws of science[and its applications], as well as how our interactions with others can be most interpersonal. An Active Inquirer uses the discoveries made by prompting these questions and crafts adventures in life from them. Creative impulses to interact with the unknown took me through my life past three main pillars of Empathy, Ambition, and Solidification. I look to obtain degrees in Physics and Theatre, and these two programs could not be more intertwined in my opinion on the basis of how I interact with the world in my stance as an Active Inquirer. On the basis of this identity, I interact with the world in a way that I feel is direct and personal.

Through the years of elementary school(especially prior to 4th grade), I would classify myself as a Suppressed Extrovert. Harassment due to my small size diminished my confidence in others. I had many curiosities and questions about the world from a young age. Creative impulses also made me wonder what questions other people were asking. My creative impulses in discovering the complexity of other people’s approaches came to make me curious about people and therefore interpersonal moments led to my desire to craft adventures with them.

In these years of my life I was bullied for my height and my unbounded extroversion with others. This included one particular new student who shoved my face into wood chips for trying to be a supportive person to him in a new community. My outward kindness presented a deliberate and direct sense of harm causing suppression of this trait. This experience led me recognize my need for applying my extrovertedness in a directed way because faceted vulnerability allowed me to learn details from someone by interaction rather than earning a face full of wood chips.

My transition to Faceted Extrovert fit along with a film I stumbled across that my father was watching a particular evening called Back to the Future, being one of the most impacting film trilogies in my life. A powerful influence on the foundation of the quote, “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything”(Zemeckis, Gale). Quite derivative to the quote being repeated throughout the film, I was presented with an intriguing inventor, and not an engineer in a coercive system not allowing the implementation of new ideas. This fundamentally materialized my desire to use inquiries to conceive applications of infinite capacity, such as inventing a time machine. This would manifest as my desire to open a company focused on research and applied science where all employees receive funding to make their ideas a reality and share them with the world thereafter. I also came across the benefit of perspective and therefore unique perception. As a result, when empathy and passion are in resonance, I forge a specified connection with someone to learn from them and them from me. We can create adventures together and most importantly this means that my thoughts and emotions cause each other in a balanced harmony.

Life, from my perspective, is much like the flight of bird being guided not by patterns, but by the many forces of the wind. The gusts represent thoughts that evoke emotions or conversely, as they are entangled states of the same element. Through shows such as Wizards of Waverly Place and Good Luck Charlie on Disney Channel, I was further exposed to this philosophy and the opportunities exposed by perspective, as in this clip from Wizards of Waverly Place:

In this scene Alex’s jealousy of an arbitrary girl leads to her manipulative rumination of how to dig Mason’s secret out. The discovery that he’s a werewolf unlocked opportunities for adventures in magic by, as I called it prior, “benefit of perspective”. Compassionate scenes as these opened my eyes to the importance of using empathy to gain perception and appreciation to Actively Inquire how to connect with others and pave adventures together. This created impact for me because I came to appreciate my self-worth through specifically formulated interactions.

High School Musical songs, such as Breaking Free, allowed me to discover that the pressures of my peers and society cannot diminish who I am, as Troy and Gabriella preach, “the world can see us in a way that’s different than who we are [ . . . ] There’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach”(Houston 2006). Active Inquirers seek those stars with driven purpose. The film began paving my desire to be an actor because it inspired me to see that I can break free from any pseudo-limitations bounding my exploration of emotion and possibility. This deeply instilled greater confidence in my interactions with others and my goals to showing me to make risks mere steps to my goals to ordain my role in the world.

As I say in my piece, The Magical Adventure[of Acting], “Expression within new experiences, and the clashes and bonds with other emotions shapes my ability to find and create a new voice, a new determination or vulnerability, and a new fortitude inclusive to the aggregate of all prior experiences”(Brewer 1). I speak to the notion that the best way to practice the benefit of perspective and attain unique perception is by living the life of another through acting; such is because I can legitimately connect with and comprehend other’s experiences because they become my own. I can Actively Inquire through their perspective achieving the superlative state of empathy and ambition by seeing the range of all possibilities given a circumstance. This maximizes the list of Active Inquiries that can be made.

My enjoyment in playing the lead role in the eighth grade school play led me to sign up for acting classes over the summer; meeting Aïda Muñoz, a professional SAG-AFTRA actress, of the Actor’s Workshop Detroit, allowed me to discover the structure of the industry and how to explore that “benefit of perspective” even more in one particular monologue:

In preparation for this monologue, I became exposed to Actively Inquiring into the life of a character[and their motivations]. I had to understand why I am saying this and doing what I’m doing and what has happened in my(the character’s) life up to this point. She taught me that asking why is the most important aspect of understanding a character, as “why” always answers the deepest questions of an individual. This particular monologue allowed me to understand the depth of how anger is merely a surface emotion with deeper roots in other sentiments because I honestly felt the anguish of insult upon my father’s dignity. My sadness for my father grew into rooted anger for these inconsiderate people(characters). These preparations included knowing the answers to all questions about my life before the script, to my favorite colors and hobbies. By the preparation these emotions became real and this scene became my life.

In analyzing the structure of the industry, I have also learned that audition opportunities rest solely on connections and representation. Exposure to the process of acting acted revolutionarily in my understanding of the specific path in which to follow to attain a career in film. These revelations of the system that I learned in her class presented me with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the field of acting as my dream was no longer just an idea out of reach. Submitting to an agency was merely a process of headshot and résumé which didn’t directly require my knowing someone in the business. Circling back I could specifically answer how I would go about starting the process of entering the industry(although not a strict path, as it’s different for everyone). This impacted me drastically as my mindset came to encompass that it is necessary to take risks and consider that anything truly is possible with hard work [and a bit of luck] because it allowed me to see the aura of ignorant obscuring that society imposes on “improbable” aspirations.

These emotional gratifications led to my refinement of ambition in Physics and Theatre. These two prevalent identities act in unity under Active Inquiry as my thoughts and emotions are interconnected. As described in greater focus in my piece, With Stars in My Eyes, “Pursuing these impulses and fulfilling curiosities is what [lead] to the most impactful knowledge [that I gained]”(Brewer 1). Physics came to be distinguished for me because it gets to the heart of profound questions and their applications. This includes the possibility of time travel in Einstein’s mathematically defined description of gravity being the curvature of spacetime. This impacted me as it showed me that specific inquiries in this field could yield limitless applications in manipulating the structure of the universe for our benefit.

Despite development within emotional understanding as an actor, my ambitions in the sciences had still been quite open ended in eighth grade(As Justin said in the interview, SEE WP2 above). Back to the Future proposed this idea of time travel, yet the distinction of physics had not yet escaped oblivion. In signing up for classes(for 9th grade) I attempted to get into the STEM-Engineering program(which is done by drawing names) and I was placed on the waiting list. As a result of desire to continue band, I dropped off the STEM wait list and signed up to continue with music beyond my previous three years(in middle school). The point lies in the fact that my schedule changed allowing me to take Geophysical Science 4th hour ultimately leading to me eating lunch with my friend Justin from Boy Scouts and one of his friends Kyle. Our discussions opened me up to the field of quantum physics and the wide variety of its applications including quantum computing which would act derivative to my being marveled by physics more than engineering. Specifically, talks about quantum entanglement, which “Popular Science” describes by, “a strange quantum phenomenon that links the states of two particles together even across distances such that affecting one affects the other”(Dillow).

See the full article for an intro to Quantum Entanglement:

For an intro to quantum mechanics, check out this video by “Domain of Science”

The range of possibilities in communication alone using these properties perplexed me. The field intrigued me because it seemed that an infinite number of questions could be actively investigated. Those conversations in turn drove me to read many articles and watch many videos ultimately grasping my interests in the applications of structure. Quantum physics describes the function of the most fundamental structures allowing for the most universal manipulation of science for applications. As a result physics became a means to maximize Active Inquiry in the field of science, and got straight to details. Quantum entanglement networks could be the secret to instantaneous communication and possibly teleportation making it a detailed concept to me.

This sheer potency is exactly what Active Inquiry is because this field of questions is one of the most omnipotent in all of science. This potency is complementary to the maximal emotional understanding of acting. Acting provides an appreciation and comprehension of emotion, but without scientific thought to understand how to implement and channel that passion, how is emotion anymore than having gasoline without a car. Passion for exploring the unknown provides the motivation to actively explore the applications of a discovery and these created journeys inspire in turn deeper rooted passion. This isn’t to say that discoveries are only scientific; there are discoveries of connection and opportunity when we work together out of love as well. The intertwined nature of aspiration and limitless curiosity and love stems directly from my elaboration of curiosity in With Stars in My Eyes and defines the firm connection between theatre and physics, at least in my life.

In forming a rudimentary understanding of my current stance as an Active Inquirer and an overview of this piece I speak to those who love STEM and the arts. I am currently a student at the University of Southern California where I have been given the platform to study physics and still major in acting. The environment of Los Angeles will allow me to begin my journey of auditions and maybe the magic of Disney Channel, as well as the front of progress in science at centers such as JPL or USC’s Center for Quantum Information Science. Risk in applying to the school allowed me to find a setting in which my in depth progress could begin(which was addressed in more detail in my interview with Henry on the WP2 page).

I now work towards a professional career in film hoping to go on adventures and live out the stories of radiant individuals for audiences and impact their lives. I also look to go forth answering fundamental scientific questions such as those of quantum gravity and open a company where curiosity is promoted and acts as a forefront of technological progress. These two aspects are ingrained in my basic need to understand elementary functions and people. Without understanding people, you can’t successfully interact with them to develop the field of science. Each individual is an unprecedented mystery with unrestricted potential to create and change. Emotions are more than hormones, but impulse and appreciation. Impulse to allow an environment of flourishing radiance. I am a story, as are others, of immeasurable possibility and potential. Societal conventions will not restrict me. I materialize in the realm of vanguard where scientific and passionate progress emerge. We the Active Inquirers will not solely question the universe, but we will explore and conceive mere emotions and ideas into the underlying human substratum. I stand to pave inspiration and opportunity in leadership upon the vastness of expression and discovery.

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