Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Creativity in Media?

Writing 150 Fall 2020
2 min readNov 10, 2020


Most of my life, I believed that creativity would be the driving force to my profession. A profession, such as working in film, where my ideas as an individual dictate certain aspects of a final piece of work. That being said, as I’ve become more aware of how to track our society as a technologically advancing era, I realize that there may be some new complications to my once clear vision as an artist. Growing up and being in the generation where the evolution of technology has reached the fastest as it has ever been, the question of the extent that artificial intelligence ( aka A.I ) will be able to reach is very apparent. I begin to question things like will the programming of algorithms eliminate the need for creativity? If the AI is basing its “ideas” from the compilation of other artists and understanding its artists concepts through the programming of certain aspects of the human mind, then there really wouldn’t be the need for any human made artistry.

I recently read a Medium post that argues against the stated notion in “Why A.I. Can’t Replace Human Creativity”:

where the author, Richard Holman argues that “ If, as a creative professional, you are continually challenging your medium, questioning the form, attempting to break new ground in what is possible, and seeking to show the world as it has never yet been seen, then you have no need to fear the rise of machines”. That being said, the extent that AI can currently do is already past the extent imaginable from past. It is definitely likely that the programmers of AI will create more advanced algorithms that will eliminate duplication. In terms of the aspect of creativity, I agree with the statement above as humans are capability of creating beyond

I believe that AI art will be categorized within the realm of the art world as it is a new revolutionary intro to the extent that AI can do with collaboration of the human’s creative mind. Moreover, humans are still more capable in terms of portraying and relating to the emotional psyche. The data driven solutions of AI will beneficially work to replace the monotonous aspects of the workforce within other categorizes, as AI will be used to eliminate time consuming tasks and create space for other aspects of one’s job description.

For now, the world will just have to wait until AI reaches new levels to gauge the level it will be able to reach.

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