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Writing For Your Life Newsletter #5: Call for Submissions

Sunday, July 27, 2020. Digging in and running from convention.

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First, I apologize for the late delivery of this newsletter. I’ll spare you any excuses.

To the point at hand …

Stories, we need stories.

“Writing For Your Life,” our Medium publication, is a safe haven for free expression. Regardless of your opinions of the writing process or business, regardless of the twists and turns of your personal writing journey, our publication is dedicated to the concept that writers must always speak their own truths.

We don’t censor a thing, keeping with my personal philosophy.

For example, I write for a living as a screenwriter and author. I am adamant that the most resonant of films contain deeper meanings, and yet are not always the most comfortable to watch.

Nor should they be. Check out It is Not a Filmmaker’s Business to Make You Comfortable, where I take on the uproar caused by Netflix’s “Cuties” and related films that have received similar controversy.

And, see here for Part Two.

Herbie J Pilato, however, a television historian who hosts a show on Amazon Prime called “Then Again with Herbie J Pilato” — that I happen to executive produce (cheap plug) — took the counter-argument in his piece, Counterpoint: It IS a Filmmaker’s Business to Make You Comfortable.

Where do you stand?

Carl T. Rogers, MFA | Storylosopher ✍️, whose posts on “Writing For Your Life” are always highly-regarded, crossed the screenwriting and publishing worlds with the following well-considered article, What Screenwriters Can Learn from Edgar Allan Poe.

Carl and I, incidentally, have also disagreed on a provocative topic. Was Dr. Asimov Right? Is The Bible the Most Potent Force For Atheism Ever Conceived? took some serious focus for me to write.

Then, take a read of Carl’s counter-argument: Why Isaac Asimov Was Wrong About The Bible.

Let’s talk. Which perspective most resonates with you?

Newcomer to our publication, Denise Miotke, shared an excellent article about iconic artists and their difficult paths to the top.

Ever consider following in the footsteps of a “loser?” There may be worse things. Spend some time with The Worst Losers of All Time.

My own writer’s journey was fraught with its own unique circumstances … as you will discover in When a Desperate Author Conned Me With a Multiple Personality Diagnosis.

Courtesy of Unsplash

Finally, Lj Ryan sent another inspirational story for the aspiring writers who read this newsletter: Why Do You Write? For the Love, the Passion, or the Money?

I thank you all for your submissions.

“Writing For Your Life” is always open to submissions. We are open to stories both light and dark, fiction and reality.

Simply request to be added as a writer, and feel free to submit.

This newsletter goes out to subscribers once-weekly, so more readers will be presented with your work if you contribute.

Tell your friends. Subscribe. Submit.

Rinse, dry, and repeat.

I wish you the best, as ever. Stay safe out there, and thank you for reading.

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Honest, practical advice on the writer’s life for both aspiring and experienced authors and screenwriters, and an uncensored forum for provocative thought.

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