Checklist: How To Write An Outstanding Essay

The essay is considered most important part of your college application process or final exam. It shows how good you are expressing yourself. Practice is what makes it perfect. However, it is much easier to write an outstanding essay with these 10 steps.


Know what you want to write about. Find as much as possible about given subject. Decide which of the information you can work with. Remove some if not in a line with opinion and belief. Educate yourself before presenting it to another person.

Catchy title or heading

Will engage the reader. Keep it short and smart. Too long titles or overly descriptive headings can give the impression of the dull text. It may make the reader give up before the start.

Interesting introduction

Keep it interesting. Maybe start with a story or an example. The reader will be curious what is next. It will give you more chances to make your point valid. It is crucial to make a reader keep reading.

Clear structure

Organize your thoughts, so they are easy to read. Make sure your idea has a beginning, middle and conclusion. Bad structure can make the reader not taking you serious and jeopardizing your score and chances of getting the higher grade.

Smooth transition between paragraphs

Transit to another section by linking one idea or sentence. Refer to a prior section. This way you’ll keep the reader engaged and assure you can back your arguments into meaningful text.

Right conclusion

Make it clean and concise, stay behind it. The conclusion should have a short explanation of what is written. The easiest way to write the conclusion is simply by going through the essay and write few quick thoughts you had while reading it. It will give you a base to write overall.

Don’t use cliches

Especially in title or introduction. It will look unprofessional, and it may give an impression you’re trying to copying someone else.

Vary sentence length

Long sentences can make essay hard to read. Original thought can get lost. Remove unnecessary words. Just by adding long sentences for the sake of making essay longer will not help. On the other hand, avoid short sentences as they will not make an impact. They will leave impression something not finished.


Always. Even better ask someone to proofread it. A “new pair of eyes” will give a new perspective on the essay. Mistakes can happen and that is why is important to see is there any typos, spelling errors or missing commas A wide range of services such as essay writing services is available and can help. Feedback is a crucial part of a writing process.

Read aloud

It will help to determine if your paste is good. Your essay should sound same when reading it aloud and in quiet. The sound of sentences should contain a tone and emotion behind it.

Enjoy writing essays. It will help you in a long run. An excellent essay will demonstrate how dedicated and hard work individual who knows how to express themselves you are.