This is me

Photo Credit : Fallon Geeves

Who is me? Me is I. Who is I? I am myself therefore myself must be me. Okay, so now I’ve got your attention, you can begin to read a whole piece simply about me. Could your day get any better than this? So I’ll just get to the point.

I’m Fallon and before you think about it too much, yes it is a weird name and I’m not surprised if you haven’t heard it before. It is more commonly known as an America surname. I get references to the talk show host Jimmy Fallon, which it’s not all bad because he’s a funny guy. Looking at the bigger picture, obviously my parents simply wanted to make my life difficult from the moment of being born. All I can say is that it must be some kind of learning curve for them and all I seem to have got out of it is the ability to have good conversations with the elderly. Sounds weird I know but if you don’t already know there was a well-known television program called ‘Dynasty’. It seems that most people over the age of 60 know about this program and the character called Fallon was very well known. ‘The one that went up in the rocket’ is the most common comment made. Now it’s not a bad thing being able to talk to those older than me because I’m sure we’ve all been through that moment when walking in the street and you see you’re about to pass an elderly person and inside your head you’re saying to yourself “Just smile and say hello, so they don’t think you’re a horrible/rude youth”. I’m going to guess you smiled at that for a second because deep down you know you can relate to it too.

Now you have no idea who I am yet you’re still interested enough to have read to this point already so for that I am genuinely impressed. In all honesty, it’s a lot harder to talk about yourself when you are under some kind of pressure than it is in a general conversation. So what other irrelevant information can I tell you about myself? Take a breather whilst I think…

I’ve got this far and I’m completely stuck. All you know is my name but I guess we all have to start somewhere, right? We all know telling a bit about yourself in a classroom or introducing yourself to new colleagues at a new job you’ve just got is hard as it is. When I’m asked to talk about myself in only a few hundred words that will be seen by a lot more people than a class full of people, it’s pretty nerve-racking. Not because I want to sound good but purely because I have no idea if I’m interesting enough for people to actually spend their own time reading about me.

Okay, so if you were an animal, any kind of animal you want what would you be? I would be an owl, probably a barn owl if you want to get really specific. They way I see it, the owl is pure and kind but also has a fierce side when it needs to, especially when it is hungry and in that case I’m sure we can all agree that we get a little feisty when we’re hungry. I’m usually awake until early in the morning, which can relate to an owl’s nocturnal life. Although I’m usually up late because I’ve got carried away when watching Netflix and have completely lost track of time and before I know it, it’s 3am. What is it about the constant need to watch episode after episode recklessly for hours on end. I have no idea but it’s just so addictive. You would never think you could get so into a program but the more you watch, the more you feel like you shouldn’t stop, just because you want to know what happens next. Now if you haven’t already noticed, I’m a real TV/film nerd. I love them; I always have since I was very young. I can watch the same film over and over again and never get bored. My parents are always asking me how I can do it but I don’t even know myself. I just feel like I become part of the film/ program too so I have to keep watching it. The one I’m worst for is Harry Potter and I’m not afraid to tell the world. I can pretty much tell you the script word for word whilst watching it. How J K Rowling came to putting her life onto to paper is incredible. I’m hoping that one day I get the chance to even have my own published book let alone have it made into eight of the most well known films to ever be made. That’s my secret!!! Explore who you are.