Writing Inspiration | 13 | Mar 30 — April 5

Alfons Morales via Unsplash


But the choice of a main programming language is the most important signaling behavior that a technology company can engage in. Tell me that you program in Java, and I believe you to be either serious or boring. In Ruby, and you are interested in building things quickly. In Clojure, and I think you are smart but wonder if you ship. In Python, and I trust you implicitly. In PHP, and we sigh together. In C++ or C, and I nod humbly. In C#, and I smile and assume we have nothing in common. In Fortran, and I ask to see your security clearance. These languages contain entire civilizations.

from What is Code? by Paul Ford, Businessweek

…wine is way beyond any other subject in inspiring in the American layman an urge to refute the notion of expertise. (Modern art must come in second.)

from The Red and the White by Calvin Trilling, The New Yorker

Looked at in isolation, a thought may seem very trivial or very fantastic; but it may be made important by another thought that comes after it, and, in conjunction with other thoughts that may seem equally absurd, it may turn out to form a most effective link. Reason cannot form any opinion upon all this unless it retains the thought long enough to look at it in connection with the others.

from The Impossible Profession — I by Janet Malcolm, The New Yorker


  • coruscating: flashing or sparkling
  • obstreperous: noisy and difficult to control
  • philistine: a person who is hostile or indifferent to culture and the arts, or who has no understanding of them
  • etiolated: having lost vigor or substance; feeble